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Easy Access Panties And Hose

Easy Access In Panties And Hose

ppb_w-copyHow to Wear Them

Last post, we got you some sexy, silky hosiery.  I know you picked up some thigh highs and I know you already have some sexy thongs, tanga and crotchless panties for sexy time.  The first thing to discuss is how a slutty tart like you wears them.  You want to make sure when you put on your lingerie, nothing’s going to get in the way of having some fun.  With crotchless panties, that’s obviously not a problem!  Everything is open and whomever is playing with you will have access. IF you have on a thong or some tanga panties, you have to plan a bit with the hosiery.

Easy Access With Thigh Highs

If you have a pair of silky thigh highs with the stretchy lace at the tops called “stay-ups”,  then you’re well on your way to getting that cherry popped!  Your playmate can just slide those panties to the side and enter your hungry boi pussy, or they can easily slide them down your legs.  But what if you decided to be uber-slutty and went with the lace garter belt?  Well, you are a sissy slut, so you don’t want to make it too hard for him to get to you!  Put on the garter and thigh highs, first, then pull your panties up over them.  Now, when he’s ready to give you a ride on his cock, he just has to pull those panties down, and there you’ll be, ready and waiting in garters and hose!

More Sexy Fun In Panties and Hose

Sometimes, let’s face it, cock is just not available and you are horny!  What’s a sissy to do?  Well, how about you get dressed up in your panties and hose, and jill off for me?  That’s right, rub your sissy clit right through those panties, and slide your legs together – squeezing those sissy marbles between those silky thighs!  When you finally squirt, remember to clean those panties and hose with your mouth!

Sissy Pantyhose

Sissy Pantyhose

Feminization Mistress Ms. Delia

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G-strings, Thongs And Other Sexy Panties

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Crossdress and Get Panties

I Mean it is TIME to Get Real Panties

These are sexy panties!

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