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 “Beauty begins the moment
   you decide to be yourself”
                        – Coco Chanel

Rules for Sissies, Part 3

Rules for Sissies, Part 3 Rule#7: A Sissy Loves Her Toys Come now, sissy, you know I don’t mean your teddy bears and dolls.  When I say a sissy loves her toys, I’m talking about much more adult items.  Since there’s never a cock around when you need it, you know how...

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Rules for Sissies, Part 2

Rules for Sissies, Part 2 Rule#4: A Sissy Loves Cum Admit it!  You know you love cum!  You love that feeling as a cock swells in your mouth just before it’s about to explode! Think of the warm, gooey feeling as he squirts all over your tongue.  That salty, sweet...

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Rules for Sissies: Part 1

Rules for Sissies: Part 1 Rule #1: A Sissy Does not Have a Cock; a Sissy has a Clitty The first rule of becoming a sissy.  Once you make a commitment to becoming a sissy, you need to realize, you no longer have a cock.  Men have cocks! Okay, some are really small and...

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