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A 12-step Sissy Program

Sissy Denial

I’ll help you become the best sissy you can be!

A Guiding Hand

No, this isn’t about guided masturbation – you want that, head over to Beg For Mistress.  This is about finding a guiding hand to help you embrace and accept that you are a sissy.  Now, I’ve got a reputation as being a hard bitch of a Mistress, but I have my sensual side, and I’m here to help you become the sissy you want to be.  Now, that’s not to say my bitch side might not need to come out….

A Different 12 Steps

You’ve all heard of 12 step programs, and mostly, they’re about making you accept something bad about yourself, and then changing your behaviors so you don’t do those things anymore.  Well, my 12-step program is all about helping you accept you’re a gurl, and then letting that inner femme slut out!  If all you want to do is dress up and be a panty boi, I can help.  If you want to go all the way, dress as what Ms. Christine likes to call a full femme sissy and service a herd of willing men with your mouth and your pussy – well, saddle up and let’s get going!

The first step?

I want you to either comment on this post, send me an email, or better yet, call me.  If you post or email, I want it to start with “Hello, I’m (your sissy name) and I’m a sissy.”  If you call me, when you hear my sweet, sexy voice saying “Hello, it’s Ms. Delia”, I want you to introduce yourself, loud and clear with the same – “Hello, Ms. Delia, this is (your sissy name) and I’m a sissy.”  Once you can say it, you’re on your way.

Check back here every week, where I will be posting each of the 12 steps in my program.  By the time we’re done, you’ll be proud to be a slutty sissy bitch!

Links to Ms. Delia’s 12-Step Sissy Program

Step 1 – I Need To Be Pretty

Step 2 – I Need To Feel Sexy!

Step 3 – I Need High Heels

Step 4 – I Need Short Skirts

Step 5 – I Need Lingerie

Step 6 – I Must be Obedient

Step 7 – I Must Be Enslaved

Step 8 – I Must be Worthy of a Mistress

Step 9 – I Must Be Owned By Mistress or a Man

Step 10 – I Will Love Cock

Step 11 – I Will Be a Sissy Slut

Step 12 – I am Becoming a Gurl!



33 comments to A 12-step Sissy Program

  • beatrice

    Hello Ms Delia, this is beatrice and I’m a sissy! I love to be a full femme sissy and I always go all the way out with my lingerie, clothes, shoes and make-up. My voice gets so sweet and my mannerisms very feminine while dressed. I also get very submissive and feel very exposed and vulnerable, and at the same time so very wonderful. Can’t wait for the rest of the program, Ms Delia. I’m so eager to learn!!

    Pretty curtsies,
    sissy beatrice

  • Michell

    Hello Im Michell and yes I am a sissy.

  • Hello, I’m Cassie and i’m a sissy ! 😉

  • Debbie Ann

    Hello Mistress Delia,

    I’m Debbie Ann and I am a Sissy.

    I do not have the desire for complete feminization in that I walk the streets in drag.
    I would serve as a sissy at home and wear feminine under garments under my male dress clothes when out. I also do not want to be a slut and have sex with men but I would service a woman as a lesbian. Is there still a possible way I could participate with these stipulations.


    Debbie Ann

  • Lillian

    Hi Mistress Delia

    What step is Lillian on hehe

  • Lillian

    Hey how come Lillian didnt get to decide what type of sissy she is. Mistress just made her into a slut hehe

  • Delia

    Well, lillian,

    Mistress KNOWS that you are a SLUT and a SNOB!! So, that’s why you get NO option 😉

    Ms. Delia

  • Delia

    Lillian has to do every step!!

    Follow them from the beginning, dearest snob!!

    Ms. Delia

  • Delia

    Hi DebbieAnn~

    I think a home based sissy still can follow these steps in the program 🙂

    I think a lesbian sissy is PERFECT!! So we will adjust your steps.

    Ms. Delia

  • Delia

    Welcome cassie!!

    This is a great first step to acknowledging your sissyhood!

    Ms Delia

  • Delia

    Hello sweet Michell!

    I am so happy that you are admitting you are a sissy. Follow the program steps to improve more and more 🙂

    Ms. Delia

  • Delia

    Curtsey to you beatrice!!

    You sound FEMFABULOUS already!!! I hope you are learning well from the program 🙂 I really enjoy training sissies to become even more pretty & femme.

    🙂 Ms. Delia

  • Ashley

    Hi ms Delia. My name is Ashley and I am a sissy!! I always am wearing panties, but once I get home I am Ashley lee. From shaving my body completely then picking my outfit:). My favorite part :)!! Starting with a cute bra and panty pair, up until I put my heels on makes me feel like the sissy I want to be. I’m ready to become somebody’s sissy bitch. I can’t wait to be shown my place and service a mistress.

    Thanx for your blog. Makes me want even more to become the sexiest,kinkiest, and loyal sissy I can:).

    Ashley lee

  • sissy slave ted

    Dear mistres s,this is a wonderful teaching instruction.thankyou mistress for providing this wonderful guide and teaching guide for sissy slave s.thankyou.sincerly yours sissy slave ted

  • Penny Rose

    Ive been a full ntime sissy for 21 days now I love going out shopping and well just being out in the public arena its so excitng thanks

  • vanessa

    Hello Ms Delia, This is Vanessa and i’m a sissy! Can’t wait to read the rest of this series!

  • robbie

    hello Empress Delia

    i’m Robbie and I may be a sissy – I love reading your notes and the idea of wearing knickers has me dribbling down there. it doesn’t give me a full erection but it does make me climax

    love and kisses


  • Delia

    Hi robbie!

    I DO think you are a sissy indeed! Just reading these blogs get you all excited! Delicious.

    Ms. Delia

  • bianca

    Hello Mistress my name is bianca and i’m a sissy. OMG it feels so good to say it out loud. i’ve been dressing on my own for some time but it is so amazing to find Your site and be able to follow Your instructions !!!! i can’t wait to read more here !!!!!

  • Delia

    Welcome bianca!!

    LOVE the name, and am thrilled to have a new sissy follower!

    🙂 Ms. Delia

  • Steph

    Hello Ms Delia.
    My name is Stephenie and I’m a sissy.
    I’m currently in service with a Ms and she demands I follow your 12 step programme to be a better girl

  • Delia

    Well, stephanie, I think your Mistress is very smart 🙂 Please give her my best regards, and good luck with the program!

    Ms. Delia

  • Michelle

    Hello Ms Delia, I’m Michelle and I’m a sissy.”

  • Delia

    Hello, Michelle!

    So very nice to see you here. Enjoy the blog, and learn all you can about sissyhood!

  • Indie

    Hello Ms Delia,
    I never thought I was a sissy until I was tricked into wearing some feminine clothes. The rush came over me quickly and was noticed by my wife who has now taken charge. I think I like it and would even like to take it further, not sure I to properly convey that though.

  • Delia

    Hi Indie!

    Sounds like your wife KNEW you were really a sissy gurl inside! I am glad you want to explore farther, and I am happy to guide you!

    Ms. Delia

  • Elzaan

    Hello mistress I love your steps they are help me a lot please email me I would love to ask a few questions if is okay x

  • Delia

    Sure! You can ask me questions, but please email me…

  • sissypig heather

    i’d enjoyed these long ago but have really enjoyed reading them again fresh. Lover of mantras that I am I noticed the 12 Sissy Lessons titles would make great mantras for any sissy! I think i’ll practice saying them all until I have them memorized 🙂 Thank You Empress Delia!

  • Emily

    Hello Delia, i am Emily, and yes i am
    a sissy.

  • Zoey

    Hello Ms. Delia,
    My name is Zoey and I’m a sissy.

  • missy laflamme

    I think I am at step #13 !!!

  • Delia

    Welcome, Zoey!!!

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