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A Sissy Fantasy

I love to share sissy stories, and a wonderful sissy sent this sexy fantasy to me in my email. Read on and see if you would love to be the sissy in this fantasy.

Have a fantasy to share? Just email: and know that Mistress Delia would LOVE to feature you on this . . . → Read More: A Sissy Fantasy

If You’re A Man Wearing Panties, You Should Be Doing This

If You’re A Man Wearing Panties, You Should Be Doing This

Isn’t that a great headline?  You see that come up on Tumblr (@phonesexmistressdelia) or Twitter or in your email, you just have to click on it, don’t you?

It’s A Tease…


What does Ms. Delia think I should be doing, since I . . . → Read More: If You’re A Man Wearing Panties, You Should Be Doing This

Cocksucker Mouth Exerciser

Cocksucker Mouth Exerciser

There is something on the market that I have joked is an exerciser for a cocksucker’s mouth. In truth, it is a sensation that seems to be sweeping Japan as a facial slimmer exerciser. Here it is.

What did your dirty mind think? Was it exactly what I . . . → Read More: Cocksucker Mouth Exerciser

Little Rich The Cuckold Bitch

Little Rich The Cuckold Bitch

Sometimes cuckold fantasies are better left as fantasies! Many of my sissies like to tell me all the time about their fantasies of becoming a sissy cuckold – and how badly they really want their hot wives to turn their fantasies into reality.  You know what though?   Sometimes fantasies are . . . → Read More: Little Rich The Cuckold Bitch

When a Sissy Fails

When a sissy fails

You can BE Femfabulous!

I have shared a sissy with the delightful and demanding Mistress Olivia for some time now. This sissy, so low, the name given is it, always makes promises it can’t keep. It has promised to be devoted, loyal, and to comment on our blogs. But . . . → Read More: When a Sissy Fails