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Some Women DO like Men who Crossdress

Some Women DO like Men who Crossdress

I often love it when men crossdress. It is a sensual turn on for me. In fact, I have created a monthly tradition where I buy Jack, my subby hubby, a pair of panties each month. Why do some women like men who crossdress? Great question, and . . . → Read More: Some Women DO like Men who Crossdress

Steps To Becoming Feminized Part 1

Steps To Becoming Feminine

Becoming feminized is not something that happens overnight. Also, deciding whether to be a just a man in panties, a sissy slut or a classy sissy, or even going for a full transformation will shape the path to feminization you take. But in my experience, as I help to feminize . . . → Read More: Steps To Becoming Feminized Part 1

Finding Your Sissy Space

How Do You Find Your Sissy Space?

Sissy Space

I’ve talked about subspace, and I’ve talked about Dommespace, but what about sissy space? It could be part of subspace, but it’s different, because it doesn’t even require you to be submissive. Sissy space is when you get to that special place inside yourself . . . → Read More: Finding Your Sissy Space

Sissy Crossdresser Story

Sissy Jackie asked to be spotlighted on my blog for the cocksucking sissy she is. I just love when a sissy realizes her true self and sucks cock and eats cum! Enjoy reading about Sissy Jackie!

A Sissy Crossdresser Story

I have been crossdressing all of my life. I am also a submissive sissy . . . → Read More: Sissy Crossdresser Story

Crossdressing without Passing

Some men like crossdressing without passing, and some insist on passing. From time to time I enjoy looking online in crossdresser forums. It gives me great ideas when advising men who like crossdressing and guided feminization. I recently came across a great comment about whether or not to try to pass in a forum, and . . . → Read More: Crossdressing without Passing