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Dressing Up Jack

Wouldn’t these look cute on you? They look cute on Jack!

Jack The Panty Boi

After his Masturbation Monday Marathon…and his ruined orgasm! – Jack woke up pretty horny Tuesday morning. Now, normally Jack is not a sissy. We’ve played sissy games before, and he does have this cute slutty outfit I like . . . → Read More: Dressing Up Jack

Step 9 – I Need to Have a Real Mistress or Man

I’ll help you become the best sissy you can be!

They want you, but you need them.

You’ve taken all your lessons to heart, haven’t you sissy? You’ve got on your sexy clothes, and your shortest skirt.  That ass sways when you walk, and you make a wonderful vision of girlyhood when you . . . → Read More: Step 9 – I Need to Have a Real Mistress or Man

The Phone Lines are Open Sissies!

A Slutty Cinderella!

It’s Like Cinderella…in Reverse

Cinderella had to be home by midnight, but for my sissy pets, it’s time to turn into Cinderella and come out to play!  My Featured Mistress Day has started.  I’ll be taking calls from Midnight until 3 AM.  Then, Ms. Delia has to get her beauty . . . → Read More: The Phone Lines are Open Sissies!

Step 7 – I Need to be Enslaved

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Sissy Anal Training

Are You Trying To Impress Me?

How To Impress Ms. Delias

If you’re a sissy, and you want to impress Ms. Delia, it won’t be enough to dress up like a pretty girl.  It won’t even be enough to to get down on your knees and suck on a big, hard cock.  No, . . . → Read More: Sissy Anal Training