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Sissy Pantyhose

Sissy Pantyhose

Feminization Mistress Ms. Delia

It’s Time for Pantyhose, Sissy

Are you comfortable in your panties? Well, we started out with men’s briefs without that annoying fly in the front, and you graduated to wearing boy shorts.  We even got you into some sexy thongs and g-strings!  Are you feeling comfortable in those . . . → Read More: Sissy Pantyhose

Cum In Your Panty Sissy

Cum In Your Panty, Sissy How About A Humiliating Sissygasm?

Sissy Panties!

Such a slutty sissy!  Dressed in your red thong, you stuffed bra, thigh highs encasing your legs, a crop top and that cute plaid mini-skirt.  I am so glad you called me this morning, because we’re going to give you a . . . → Read More: Cum In Your Panty Sissy

Sissy Masturbation

Sissy Masturbation

Sissy masturbation  is a topic I just love! Having a sissygasm is one thing I feel each sissy must learn. Always rub, never stroke, and if you are a slutty sissy, enjoy anal penetration! But let’s get back to those panties and teasing. Sometimes, I like to have you stroke in your panties. . . . → Read More: Sissy Masturbation

The Frilly Sissy In Training

The frilly sissy in training is a favorite sissy type for me. I mean who doesn’t LOVE sissy dress up time? Today I had the pleasure of playing sissy dress up with a sissy in training. I love the colors of black and pink together, so sissy found the cutest outfit. I was a . . . → Read More: The Frilly Sissy In Training

Why I Love Panty Wearing Men

Wouldn’t these look cute on you?

There’s Just Something About A Guy Wearing Panties

Wow, does it get me hot and bothered, seeing a man in panties! Now, Jack is not normally a sissy, but I’ll tell you a secret – he wears panties for Ms. Delia. You see, last Christmas, I bought . . . → Read More: Why I Love Panty Wearing Men