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Sissy Beach Body

Getting That Sissy Beach Body Ready Are You Ready To Be My Beach Blanket Sissy Bimbo?

You gotten your manicure and pedicure, you’ve taken a slutty sissy bath, shaved off all that unsightly hair and moisturized that skin, so I think you are more than ready for some beach fun, aren’t you sissy?  You NEED . . . → Read More: Sissy Beach Body

A Smooth Sissy

A Smooth Sissy Is A Happy Sissy

I thought that I should address this making sure every sissy stays smooth.  We ladies do, and if you aspire to be a real gurl, you should as well.  I mean if you are going out dressed en femme, you need to be smooth!

There are a few . . . → Read More: A Smooth Sissy

Do You Have Man Hands? Part 1

What are we going to do about those man hands?

A Sissy Exposed

No, not exposed like one of my naked sluts!  No I mean that, there you are sissy trying to pass.  You took the time to tuck and put on your best bra and panty set.  You made sure the seams . . . → Read More: Do You Have Man Hands? Part 1

Sissy Skin Care

Skincare is Important

As my sissy, you need to take care of yourself.  I want a pretty, sexy little thing, with bright, glowing soft skin.  One way to make sure that skin is well taken care of is to take care of your skin.  Now, read all the way through this post before you . . . → Read More: Sissy Skin Care

Feminization Girl Talk

Mistress Girl Talk

Today Ms. Viv and Ms. Delia had a chance to have some feminization girl talk! It was so much fun to chat for a few minutes about all things femfabulous. Ms. Viv discussed how she was doing lots of things with some sissies at the salon, and even talked about . . . → Read More: Feminization Girl Talk