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How should this Cumslut be Punished?

Most sissy cumsluts do very well with all tasks, and only have sissygasms. I got an email that admitted a mistake and asked for punishment. To add some extra humiliation, I am putting Brandy, the cumslut’s request here. Please leave your punishment ideas in comments, and maybe I will choose yours!

Brandy wrote:

Mistress . . . → Read More: How should this Cumslut be Punished?

Soft Sissy Bath

Think this would look good on you, my Beach Blanket Sissy Bimbo?

Does Sissy Need Some Pampering?

Are you telling me that a manicure and a pedicure just wasn’t enough for my Beach Blanket Sissy Bimbo?  Do you think you need to be pampered even more so we can get you ready for . . . → Read More: Soft Sissy Bath

Feet Ready For Sissy Summer

Get Your Feet Ready For Sissy Summer No More Man Hands

Well, I hope all you sissies followed my instructions from last week as you get ready for Beach Blanket Sissy Bimbo time!  No more man hands, right?  Well, if there’s something for sure that summer and the beach bring out, it’s sandals and . . . → Read More: Feet Ready For Sissy Summer

When a Sissy Fails

When a sissy fails

You can BE Femfabulous!

I have shared a sissy with the delightful and demanding Mistress Olivia for some time now. This sissy, so low, the name given is it, always makes promises it can’t keep. It has promised to be devoted, loyal, and to comment on our blogs. But . . . → Read More: When a Sissy Fails

Sissy Interview

Sissy Interview of Busty Sissy Tina

I recently had a hot and sexy session with a sissy who is busty and goes by the name Tina. She is a wild one, and we had an amazing time. We caught up in Yahoo IM, and I asked for her story. She was more than happy . . . → Read More: Sissy Interview