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Cum In Your Panty Sissy

Cum In Your Panty, Sissy How About A Humiliating Sissygasm?

Sissy Panties!

Such a slutty sissy!  Dressed in your red thong, you stuffed bra, thigh highs encasing your legs, a crop top and that cute plaid mini-skirt.  I am so glad you called me this morning, because we’re going to give you a . . . → Read More: Cum In Your Panty Sissy

Sissy Sex Toys

Sissy Sex Toys

When talking to many en femme men and sissies, The subject of sex toys comes up. I have had many a sissy sex toy discussion with those who felt it was inappropriate to stroke, especially when trying to be more and more femme or when dressed in women’s clothes.

It seemed . . . → Read More: Sissy Sex Toys

Training for sissygasms

As the New Year approaches, training for sissygasms is an important topic. For 2015, I would like to help every sissy orgasm via penetration and prostate stimulation only. Those deep, internal orgasms are so feminine anyway! So as you are making your sissy New Year Resolutions, make sissygasms one of them.

Feminization Mistress . . . → Read More: Training for sissygasms

Sissy At The Truck Stop, Part I

Now, my dear darling sissies, have you been reading my blogs?  Have you been talking to me in IM, or better yet, on the phone?  Then

You are MY sissy!

you know I recently relocated from cold, dreary New England to the South.   And I want to tell you about my stop at a . . . → Read More: Sissy At The Truck Stop, Part I

Getting Those Sexy Sissy Legs

Ho(se), Ho(se), Ho(se)!

So, my sissies, do you like sexy legs?  I know you love Ms. Delia’s sexy legs.  Long, lean and toned.  But it’s not just how they look, is it?  It’s how they feel.  You love rolling that hosiery up your legs, that smooth silkiness spreading up your legs.  So, here are 3 . . . → Read More: Getting Those Sexy Sissy Legs