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Celebrating The Fabulous Fem – This Holiday Season

Cross-dressing for the Holiday Season

It’s The Most (Fem) Fabulous Time of the Year


Hello dear ones! Wasn’t it nice for Miss Delia to invite me to drop by Fem Fab as a guest blogger this month? November is an auspicious time for yours truly, it marks my 7th anniversary Erotically Entertaining, here at LDW. What a perfect time to write about celebrating the upcoming holidays, with your feminine side – upmost in your plans.

It’s The Most (Fem) Fabulous Time of the Year

There isn’t a better time of the year for our cross-dressing and transgendered friends, then right now. When I think Fem Fabulous, the first thing that comes to my mind is – Festive! Us gals become busy beavers around our homes, pulling down the best china and linens, shopping for days and putting everything to rights.

Haul Out The Holly – She’s Dressed and Ready to Party

In the air and within the people, that festive energy surrounds and pulls you along in a happy wake. See?Another perfect time to be the Fem Fabulous you.Even if your feminine self is a closely held secret, you can still immerse yourself in the holiday spirit – and throw yourself a private bash.

For such an occasion, select your very best little black dress – or make it a truly special occasion, and treat yourself to a shopping excursion. Either way, make time to pamper not just yourself, but your living space.

Femme Perfection

Full make up, perfect pumps, a Kiss The Sissy Cook apron tied around your waist, and a home filled with savory turkey smells and paper decorations. Now that would be Femme Perfection!

I ask you, what could be more feminine? How about, inviting Miss Delia and me to the party? I do believe that adds a final perfect touch to your Fem Fabulous holiday experience .

What are your Fem Fabulous Holiday plans?

1 comment to Celebrating The Fabulous Fem – This Holiday Season

  • Peter

    With colder weather in starting to buy more women’s clothes, especially feminine sweaters. I ordered boyshorts that fit perfectly,along with bras, yoga pants and size 16 sheath dress, I have heels along with boots and just looking in mirror I really have girlish legs wearing dresses, with heels, my legs look so girlish with heels, slip,dress on me. Wearing slip I can’t believe how girlish , weak , submissive and feminine I look. It’s addicting:( I’m going to start calling again with all the comments I’ve posted I need to start calling and want to have you dress me as a girl and keep me that way. Ms Violet, Ms Cindy & Ms Olivia said I’m to nice and submissive to protest as you well know with calls I did with you and Ms Olivia. All 3 said how can I whine if they are taking turns putting lipstick on me:( and Ms Olivia tricked me into getting French manicure:( all 3 said I look to cute and adorable, and Hard on have me away as Ms Cindy said it’s sign that I enjoy it and also sign of weakness and submission:( with me between all 3 of them I couldn’t get away as they made me strip and had me put on bra/panties and slip:( I think the lipstick they applied and kissed me with had something in it as I have girlish body and c cup breasts:(

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