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Crossdressing without Passing

Some men like crossdressing without passing, and some insist on passing. From time to time I enjoy looking online in crossdresser forums. It gives me great ideas when advising men who like crossdressing and guided feminization. I recently came across a great comment about whether or not to try to pass in a forum, and because I have gotten similar questions, I thought it was quite blog-worthy!

What do you think about a man dressed in women’s clothes, but still identifying as a man? I’ve been interested in dressing up in women’s clothes for a long time, but I do not feel the need to pass as a woman, and do not want to invest in wigs and makeup. Plus my body is not a typical “passable” feminine-like body I just want to look like and be a man while wearing a dress or lingerie. Is that weird? How can I pull it off?

So how would you answer this, my femfabulous readers? Ms. Delis has 3 ideas, and I hope they help anyone who can relate to this type of scenario!

Shopping With Ms. Delia

Delia will help you become Femfabulous!!

1. Keep it hidden – Bottom Layer Crossdressing

Okay this tip is simple. Maybe you need to wear a suit every day. Nothing says you can not have a great cami, panties, and thigh highs under it! If it makes you feel good to have your sexy underthings on during that board meeting, go for it!

2. Go casual. Jeans pants & other gender neutral crossdressing

So often ladies luck out with feminine “menswear” collections. I see no reason that crossdressing men can’t grab a few women’s items! For this cooler season think jeans and sweaters. A straight leg gut ladies jean and a soft cashmere black sweater is just great on anyone! And unless someone looks, they would likely not notice which gender your clothes are designed for. It’s sexy and sneaky!

3. Go for what you love on you!

What makes you feel authentic? Capris and pink tops? Skirts and tee shirts? Wedding gowns? Frilly dresses and slips? Choose what makes you feel great, then try things on. See what looks good with your particular body shape, and then wear it with pride, stepping out crossdressed!

I hope you enjoyed this blog. Tell me what you enjoy wearing, and how you rock your femfabulous style!

8 comments to Crossdressing without Passing

  • Peter

    I love wearing women’s clothes!!just the fit, feel,fabrics against my skin. What I like is the leggings with boots. I want to wear that! I have given up on trying to find women into this and I do it for myself.I’ve dressed in yoga pants with ankle boots, bra on underneath my unisex half zip sweater when I went to salon for mani pedi..then I had girl give me makeover. What a thrill!!!!i was weak & helpless as I was trying not to get hard. The girls at salon didn’t care as I was a bit disappointed but I totally understood as I went home and got off.

  • sissy b

    In my case, Wife decides what i wear and my physical appearance. My beard and mustache and short hair reflect Her desire for me to look like a male in public even as i am occasionally required to wear a French maid uniform, Mary Jane heels and a bow on my head as i clean house. As a sissy, i obey Her wishes even as She wants me to seem masculine in front of others. Granted, holding Her purse as W/we shop for lingerie for what are obviously clothes that fit me is embarrassing and not fooling the lovely sales persons at VS, who sometimes comment how these items will look stunning on me, but usually She wants others in the vanilla world to think She is with a real man. Still, the times She lets me express my feminine nature by cross dressing are my favs. As a sissy, looks are not as important as obedience to me, and having a loving Wife to serve is my primary focus.

  • Delia

    Yoga pants and boots sound so cute, Peter!!!

    LOL. I can imagine you hard in the salon!!

  • Delia


    I love the dynamic between you and your wife! I enjoyed our call when we shared that time together! I agree that for you and for many looks are not as important as the feelings!

    Thanks for your comment!

  • Hi, Empress Delia! Below are pictures of me of how I look going out.

    I don’t worry about passing. I feel very feminine, and so I dress how I feel. If other people notice that I’m actually a girlie-boy, then I don’t mind, so long as they are nice about it.

    So even if people just figure me as being a very effeminate gay male, I don’t mind, because I also identify as a feminine gay male, in addition to identifying as male-to-female transgendered. But I very much do like the feminine pronouns, and that’s how everyone in real life who knows me refers to me.

    So to the person who asked you that question which you quoted, I would say that if he (since he specified that he still identifies as a man) wants to totally go femme but without trying to pass as a genetic woman, then that’s totally doable. I’m not on hormones and haven’t had surgery. Although my body is pretty dainty for a male, so that happens to work out well for me, since I feel dainty and femme. Since he said that his body isn’t that feminine, then he might stick out more. But if he is alright with people figuring him as being a feminine gay male, then his body-type wouldn’t be such an obstacle.

    So I guess this all depends on his comfort-level. Even if he did have a dainty body and wanted to be identified as female–and even went on hormones and had surgeries–there would still likely be people in his life who knew he is a genetic male and who just figured him as being an extremely effeminate homosexual.

    So yes, he can definitely live his life totally en femme, even if he doesn’t mind people knowing that he is a male. But people will probably figure him as being a girlie fag, whether he’s into men or not (as he didn’t specify that). If he’s comfortable with that, then he should go for it!

    Even if he’s not comfortable with it right now, if his desire to dress femininely openly is something very deep with him, then he should work in reaching that stage.

  • Delia

    Thanks, Jamie Michelle!

    I kept your link, and enjoyed the pictures. 🙂 Yes, you are dainty and suited to be femme!

    Thanks for your advice! I am sure it will help many!

  • You’re welcome, Empress Delia! I’m glad you enjoyed my pictures. Thank you for the compliment!

    And I do hope that my advice can be of help to others.

  • Sissy April Nicole

    I wanted to be totally passable.And could not stand it when i was outed .

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