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Every Sissy Should Have A Bra

Every Sissy Should Have A Bra

White1 - CopyOkay sissy, we need to talk about bras.  Now, I know how much you like dressing up like a girl.  I know you’re doing that “naughty” thing by wearing your panties and thigh highs or pantyhose under your boi clothes (Oh, I do LOVE men who wear panties!).    It feels good doesn’t it?  But, if you really want to be more girly, you have to start wearing a bra.

Blue 4 - CopyI Know You’re Worried About Being Caught

I’m not talking about that cute rack you give yourself when you’re actually going out en femme.  I want you to wear a bra all the time, just like you wear the panties and the hosiery.  I know you’re worried about being exposed.  Panties and hose are easy to hide. Dress slacks and a tucked in dress shirt, the right pair of socks and no one is the wiser to what’s going on underneath.  I don’t need you to wear breast forms, I just want you to feel that silky lace on your skin.

Black6 - CopySimple Bras

We can get you a thin, unlined bra, one that will work with your wardrobe and will remain unseen.  Only you and I will know you’re wearing it.  In fact, it might help you empathize with your female colleagues. I bet before long you’ll be complaining about having to wear it all the time!  So get yourself ready, sissy.  It’s time to go bra shopping!  Maybe we’ll get you some more panties, too!


2 comments to Every Sissy Should Have A Bra

  • Petey cream puff

    :0 I have plenty of bras that I’ve worn at home under my clothes and I think I could pull it off with sweaters/tv shirts in summer warmer weather I’m not so sure:( I just don’t want my family/co workers to find out 🙁 :0 I do love the snugness of wearing the bra along with the soft satin silky fabric. I’d love to have you and the other mistresses push me into doing this. I don’t have any female co workers which is bummer as it’s mostly guys:( I do have 2 women I’ve become close with but they don’t know of my crossdressing and Ms Violet told me to keep this amongst the mistresses and not them. If you have any ideas how I can wear a bra without it showing please help me. I’ll wear it if then.

  • it

    Oh YES Empress Delia! There’s nothing like wearing a bra to fill one full of femininity! And wearing one full time, as you go about your day, a constant reminder of who you really are, omg… it’s just a wonderful feeling!

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