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Feminization Fantasies

What are your Feminization Fantasies?

I often wonder what my Femfabulous blog readers fantasize about. No, not just the simple panty or lingerie fantasies, but the darker feminization fantasies. I think many have those, so let’s discuss them!

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Feminization Mistress Ms. Delia

Feminization Fantasies

Do you dream of being a tied up sissy? Do your feminization fantasies sometimes take a darker turn? I love bondage from simple ties to sexy shibari. You know, I once wrote a sexy blog about kidnapping you and stripping you naked? Oh what a predicament for a poor sissy. Sexy for Ms. Delia though!

CFNM Fantasies

Sometimes stripping you naked is only the beginning. In a CFNM Fantasy I want you to imagine that  I’ve taken you somewhere. You’re imprisoned in my dungeon, and I can do anything I want to you. Yes, ANYTHING! Of course I am fully clothed, and that makes this fantasy hot. But here is a humiliating twist. Maybe I don’t want you naked.  Maybe what I want is you dressed as my slutty sissy.

Feminized Slut Fantasy

Oh, I can tell that you are really liking my ideas for feminization fantasies!  I can tell, because as soon as I told you, your little sissy clit stirred to life, getting hard, leaking pre-cum.  Maybe that is where my ideas for a feminized slut come in! I think I’ll dress you in a slutty set of naughty panties and a bra.  Let’s put some breast forms in there.  Then we’ll slide some silky stockings up your legs, and put you in some stiletto heeled pumps – the ones with the locking ankle straps.  You know what would complete the look?  A nice cock gag shoved deep in your mouth!

Feminization Fantasies can add spice to your day, so be Femfabulous for Ms. Delia, call me and we can play!

7 comments to Feminization Fantasies

  • I love hearing you do a feminization fantasy Ms Delia …. your wicked fucking creativity blows my mind …. and blows … well, you know! ~laughs~ All the sissy makeup and pretty girl lingerie and then …. ohhhhh, what happens then? ANYTHING! That’s the whole point of being feminized by Ms Delia … anything can happen and the caller will enjoy every single second of the experience.

  • Delia

    Thanks, Ms. Olivia!

    We soon should feminize someone together!! Oh yes!

  • Peter

    I’m thinking this someone will be me:( :0 which both of you have done in the past. Cfnm could very well be me. I could be naked while both of you are dressed and have me be put in a bra/panties/heels/wig and both of you give me a white tip French manicure/ makeover/give me lipstick kisses on my cheeks/spray me in perfume and put lotion on me to have me smell like a girl. Then have me wear a slip/then slip a body con size 6 dress on me if both of you get me off I must stay this way all the time as your cream puff sissy. This is what Ms Cindy/Ms Audrey/Ms Fiona & Ms Violet did to me and have kept me this way with no intention of me going back.

  • sissy pig heather

    my own list of feminization fantasies is vast but my favorite remains a one day conversion, coming out event. The day would begin with a shower and complete body shave before meeting Mistress at the mall. Once there, the transformation would begin, Mistress guiding sissy to the various shops for necessary items, bra, panties, stockings, heels, dress, and accessories. The trip would also include multiple services; double ear piercings, eyebrow threading or waxing, hair either done or fitted for a wig, and of course makeup! Mistress would direct sissy every step of the way, always with maximum humiliation effect in mind, sometimes with sissy, other times visiting the store before to prep staff, or after to laugh and point. Beginning the day a man, ending as a completely transformed woman/sissy, never to go back! Bonus would be a sissy coming out party where she would be the center of attention as she learned to properly service REAL men!!
    As with any fantasy – ALWAYS better with TWO Mistresses – and none better than Empress Delia and Mistress Olivia!

  • Shawna

    I have a secret fantasy that always stirs my little clitty cock and makes me wet my panties when i think about it. I would enjoy you fully feminizing me and another sissy together. You could make us shave each other fully smooth, help each other paint our nails (fingers and toes), make us wear very slutty revealing lingerie, and have us dance together and passionately make out as we grind our hard clitty cocklettes together, mmmmm!!! You could tie us up so we are forced to sleep with each others hard sissy cocks in each others mouth all night long. I would enjoy this and much more, the whole time you and your friends could film me and my sissy lover suck and fuck as you tease and humiliate me more!!

  • Delia

    What a great fantasy, Shawna!!

    I love the idea of shaving you both smooth, and dress you both in slutty lingerie! We should should play out this fantasy!

  • Shawna, whats better than that is having the two ladies do all that to you alone, but then when they are all done, they bring in a handsome stud who just thinks you look stunning and sexy and the rest is left for your imagination. I know what I’d want if I was in your shoes.

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