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Feminization Fantasy

Feminization Fantasy

Do you want to be My sissy, have Mistress guide your feminization? Oh, you’re not sure if you want to be Ms. Delia’s sissy?  Well, I can tell you, I’ve dealt with many submissives like you, and I can tell just by how you talk and what you’ve told me about your fantasies that you really do want to let that inner, feminine slut out to play.  When you entered my play room, stripped out of your clothes, and knelt before me, naked, you said I could do whatever I wanted.  So, tonight, you’re going to become my sissy slut.

Shopping With Ms. Delia

Sissy Mistress Delia

Dressing You…And Me

Your sissy lingerie and clothes are all laid out and after you’ve taken a nice, relaxing bath and removed every speck of hair from your neck down, you can put them on.  Put on the garter belt and thigh high stockings first, then slide the panties over them…oh, you’ll find out why later!  Then the bra, skirt and halter top.  Slide those feet into those 6-inch fuck me pumps. Oh, and don’t forget the wig!   You come out of the bathroom and find me – dressed like a man! (well, sort of…hard to hide My 36G breasts!).  A suit, tie and jacket, and some slip on shoes.  Sissy, stop staring at the bulge in my trousers, my eyes are up here!

A Surprise For The Sissy

Get on your knees, and crawl over here.  Unzip my pants and get that cock out.  Oh, you suck so well, almost like you’ve done this before!  If it was a real cock and not my strap-on, it’d be filling you mouth right now.  Now, wondering why those panties are on over your garter belt?  Oh, it’ll be so much easier to pull them down and get them out of the way when I spin you around and pop your sissy cherry!

7 comments to Feminization Fantasy

  • Petey cream puff

    I do want to be your sissy. For this I could be your weak,submissive,feminine boyfriend that you gave me a French manicure with white tips who tricks me in you dressing/taking me shopping and turning me into your cream puff. Or you can walk in as I have your bra/panty set on with heels lipstick in bedroom/or you bust me at Victoria’s secret.

  • Mistress Amber

    I love this because it is the ultimate sissy dream to be taken under the wing of a natural-born woman and completely transformed. How utterly exquisite a Mistress is and completely perfect for the task! There’s so many feminine aspects to learn and be shown, and untold numbers of fantasies to be birthed from this. Excellent post, Miss Delia!

  • sph

    Great fantasy Empress Delia! Of course a willing slut like it would want some cocksucker red lip gloss to complete the look. 🙂

  • Delia

    Cocksucker red is the PERFECT lipgloss color, sph!

  • Delia

    Oh yes, Ms. Amber!

    I do agree, and that is why I love feminization fantasies!

  • bustysissytina

    Mistress Delia,

    i absolutely love hearing Your voice describe feminizing a sissy. The thought of dressing in my panties, bra and fuck me pumps for You gives me chills. A cute wig with long silky flowing hair and my makeup perfect with deep ruby lips, long eye lashes and sexy black eyeliner. A face perfect for fucking. Yearning for Your strap-on or even better a Bulls long thick cock You guide me to suck and swallow his load of thick gooey cum. mmmmmm

    This sissy needs Your attention

    busty tina

  • Briana

    I love your description of how you are dressing me. It’s just as I’m dressed now except for I’m wearing pantyhose.

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