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How Did a MAN End Up in Panties?

Sissies Start in Panties

Pick a sexy pair of panties!!!

Pick a sexy pair of panties!!!

Every sissy has to start somewhere.  It’s not often that a man decides to become sissy by throwing on an evening gown!  And where do most sissies start their feminine journey?  Why with panties, of course.  It starts with panties, and then, before you know it, you’re in bras and stockings and then that evening gown.  But, Ms. Delia wants to know, how did you first end up in panties?

Was it your choice?

Did you just decide to start wearing panties all on your own, sissy?  Did you wonder one day what a pair of boyshorts felt like, so you slid them up your legs and over your throbbing sissy clit, and realized how happy, how safe, how comfortable they made you feel?  It was only going to be that one time, wasn’t it?  But then, well, they just felt so nice, that you had to wear them again.  And now you’re wearing them all the time, aren’t you?

Or were you coerced?

This is what has happened to Jack.  He’s not a sissy, per se, but I’ve decided that, for the time being, he’s going to be wearing panties to bed at night.  Usually, I have him sleep naked – better to have instant access to that wonderful cock, but as the nights got colder, I let him have some panties to wear, to keep everything warm.  There’s something that gets me so hot about seeing his cock – and make no mistake, he’s got a cock, and NOT a sissy clit – inside of those silky thongs and French cut panties.  If he expects to cum – and not be locked in chastity – he’ll happily slip those panties on every night, because it makes his Mistress happy.

16 comments to How Did a MAN End Up in Panties?

  • Heather

    Hello ms dalla i like wearing my girly cloths for a i got my belly peirced im staight but i like playin with my tits,i just needed to tell u that

  • robbie

    i haven’t worn any yet – well, not on a regular basis – but i do think about it and get the feelings because of it.

    i like the pink ones – if I ever wore some that is

    they’d feel devine

  • Delia


    YES! Panties DO feel divine!

    I think you need to get yourself a pair. Mice sexy microfiber panties will make you feel soft and smooth. Go for it!

    Ms. Delia

  • Delia

    🙂 Thanks, Heather!

    How CUTE you must be with your girly clothes and pierced belly button! 🙂 I love that look. Thanks for telling me!

    Ms. Delia

  • Peter

    it was soft feel of panties on my soft smooth legs. It got me hard and I stayed hard. Then I started wearing bras, then slips. I couldn’t help nor resist. I get waxed every month and I feel weak and helpless after waxing. Then it was dresses, body con and sheaths, now I’m wearing yoga pants,ankle boots, mules, sweaters, tops. It started how ginger/Mary Anne would have way with Gilligan. That’s where it all began. Then I started calling you and Ms Olivia and now you both turned my body into girls body with soft smooth skin, c cup breasts, with Ms Olivias lipstick kisses and you giving me tea the effects are irreversible. I got so hard wearing bra, panties every time I always make mess. I shouldn’t say this as I think you will put me in chastity. Wearing bras, panties have turned me into chronic masterbater.

  • Delia

    Oh peter!

    Of course you have turned into a total panty wearing gurl, haven’t you? I loved doing a forum training program with you and Ms. Olivia! All of those assignments REALLY feminized you even MORE and MORE!

    I DO think we need to get your masturbation under control SOON!

    Ms Delia

  • Peter

    what did you have in mind to get my masturbation under control?

  • Dena

    I started when I was younger. I got all the dept. store catalogs and I found myself studying the lingerie sections. When my laundry was done, it would be left, a basket of sheets in each of the bedrooms and we made our own beds.

    Honestly, there was almost always a pair of white nylon briefs, magically floating through the air as I shook out the sheets! I would take the panties, put them in the basket and return it to the laundry room.

    I could only fondle so many pairs of panties, before I founds myself compelled to try them on. The first time I stepped into a pair of nylon briefs, a size or two too large (just the right amount of extra room), was magical and electrifying!

  • Delia

    What a great story, Dena!

    Magical floating panties made me laugh. I really can imagine the excitement of finding a pair of panties misplaced in your washed laundry! Of COURSE you had to try them on!

    Ms. Delia

  • Delia

    Oh, peter…

    THAT would be a spoiler. I have plans and ideas!! Lol! When you do a session next, I will let you know how I plan to control your masturbation!

    Ms. Delia

  • vanessa

    after weeks of trying to repress the urge to wear panties, i finally gave in and went to a department store and purchase two pairs of panties! A white lacy thong and a black lacy bikini style panty! I stopped by a fast food restaurant to slip a pair on! I finally decided on the white lacy thong! OMG, I thought to myself! This feels fantastic, and i’ve been tormenting myself with more and more feminine attire ever since!

    I also grew to love the embarrassment of buying my stuff in the store!

  • Delia

    Oh vanessa!

    Why would you want to repress wearing panties, sweetie? It is just who you are…and then some! I am thrilled you went to the store and restocked the panty drawer!! Keep on rocking the femme clothes and undergarments. 🙂

    Ms. Delia

  • vanessa

    Opps, Sorry for the confusion on that Ms. Delia, that is the way it all started for me! Years ago, it was! That was my first panty purchase!

  • Delia


    That makes so much sense, vanessa!! Now I can rest easy!! 🙂 Thanks for the clarification!

    Ms. Delia 😀

  • kathyann28ts

    I didn’t start with panties. My story is a bit more complicated. Since I was very younger I just didn’t feel like I should have been born a boy. I identified more with my sister. But, I came out a boy & a enfeminate boy, too.
    My favorite piece of women clothing is a bra. An, now that I have my own natural breasts, I love bra that much better..

  • mike

    I have been fascinated with panties since I was a small boy. Just fascinated. I can (still) recall the first time I simply saw a pair – satin, soft, ivory colored, lying on a bed in our house. They just pulled me to them. It was like I was in a trance. This will sound silly but it was as though the panties had power. Real power. It was some years later when a girl made me put a pair on. The feeling was somewhat similar – it was the power. She really did make me. I never would have thought a girl could make me do such a thing but she did. She insisted. I felt very weak. Once on she laughed.

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