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How To Pick Out Breastforms, Part I

Want to fill out those cups like I do?

Want to fill out those cups like I do?

You Want Boobies!

C’mon sissies, you know you want some breasts to fill out the cups on those lacy bras. You want a nice rack so you can attract that guy who will let you suck his cock, and may even give your sissy clit some attention.  If you really want them to be realistic and help you to pass, check out Ms. Delia’s tips.

Starting Out

Most sissies start out simply, but, unfortunately, the simple methods just aren’t going to be very realistic.  I read somewhere about using water balloons!  They said if you positioned them so the tied of ends were facing out, it would simulate a nipple!  WTF?  Now, Ms. Delia has felt up a few breasts besides her own, and there’s no way these are going to feel like a real tit or a nipple.  You’ve also tried padding – like tissue paper, and while that may fill out the cup, it’s not going to feel like anything other than crumpled up Kleenex.

Picking Out Materials

No, sissy slut, you want something that’s warm, soft and flesh-like.  There are any number of materials – silicone, gel, foam (oh, good, those sound like dildos), fabric with some kind of pellets in them and even corrugated cardboard.  Want really life-like?  Go with silicone and gel.  They feel and look the most lifelike, and they get warm when in contact with your soft skin.  Fabric with pellets?  Really, you think a bean bag is going to feel life-like?  And I’m not even going to dignify corrugated cardboard.  Again I say – WTF?

Next week, we’ll talk about shapes and sizes….

11 comments to How To Pick Out Breastforms, Part I

  • Mistress Delia i was just e-mailing a person i know that has a very nice pair of tits where he had purchased his and where can i get a pair of my own yesterday!I would really love nice pair of at least B Cups and maybe bigger! 😉
    Be hot to add to my lingerie a nice lacy bra and of course a nice pair of titties to get even more attention form men! 🙂
    Every Sissy Slut wants as good and as close as we can get to real titties! 🙂

  • kendra

    This is just what i needed to read Empress Delia as i prepare to go out all femme although i wish i had real breasts of my own although i do have some cleavage now.

  • Delia

    Oh kendra!

    You are such a sweet sissy sex queen! I will be VERY excited when we can pick out breast forms for you! I certainly will have you webcam model them for me also!

    😀 Ms. Delia

  • Delia

    Hi slf!

    I LOVED your webcam show. It was pretty hot and exciting! I can really envision you in a pair of pretty c cup breastforms. They WOULD look great in lingerie!

    🙂 Ms. Delia

  • Mistress Delia i had just as much (If not more!)fun doing it for you as you had watching it!
    It is on my “To Do Again” list! 😉
    Yes i would love to try on a nice c cup breastforms!
    Thank you so much for saying they would look hot in my lingerie!They would give me something to put in a nice lacy bra and give me a very nice self image and boost i think! 🙂
    Thank you for being such a wonderful Mistress and beautiful Goddess and it was a great pleasure to please you with my cam show! 🙂

  • Delia

    You’re quite welcome, slf!

    A nice c cup breastform is something we have to look for! I will look forward to seeing them during a hot and sexy cam show!

    Ms. Delia

  • jeanette

    Mistress Delia I have been hoping you would e:mail me 🙂 you are soooooo incredible. Jeanette (then maybe you can let me see some naughty things you say about me………….)

  • Mistress Delia then i will have to do some on-line window shopping for a nice pair of c cups!
    Do you have any suggestions on whom i may be able to find breastforms from?
    The c cup be big enough to be able to titty fuck them for you while i do a cam show for you! 😉

  • Delia


    Try the I love their stuff!

  • Delia

    Oh Jeannette!

    I would LOVE to say naughty things about you!! Feel free to email me at: because I KNOW we will have FUN!

    Ms Delia

  • Misress Delia i am so very happy you enjoyed the little cam show i did for you! 🙂
    It was awful fun for me also! 😉

    Mistress Delia yes a nice pair of C cups would compliment my lingerie and add a little more nicely to my cams shows for you and others! 😉

    Mistress Delia I will give the birchplaceshop a look and i am sure if you recormend it then it has to be a very nice place to find exactly what i am looking for to be even more of a sexy looking little bitch! 😉

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