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I Like Men Who Look Cute Wearing My Panties

I Like Men Who Look Cute Wearing My Panties

Punk Push Up Set - CopyMistresses Like Panty Bois

I must say, I love my man in panties.  Jack is not ordinarily a sissy – although there are times I do dress him up, take him over my knee and spank him like a naughty sissy.  Then I get up his ass up and head down and pound him like the bitch he can be!  But, I have a whole set of panties I’ve picked out for him, and some nights, I just lay them out on the bed and tell him I want my pretty panty boi to come to bed with me.

These are sexy panties!

These are sexy panties!

Wouldn’t You Look Cute Wearing My Panties?

Now, I didn’t always have a set of panties for Jack to wear.  Like I said, he ordinarily isn’t a sissy and when we first met, I didn’t even know he was interested is cross dressing.  So, the first time I had him slide a sexy pair of panties on, it was one of my lacy, French cut bikinis.  Oh, he looked so cute in them!  So, if Jack looked cute wearing my panties, I’d bet you would too!

I Have A Secret – I Have A Panty Fetish Too!

Sissy Panties!

Sissy Panties!

What?  You think a Femdom Mistress can’t have a fetish interest?  Of course we can!  And isn’t this just perfect for you panty boys?  Maybe you have no idea where to start with wearing panties.  Maybe you are just completely overwhelmed by all the choices – do I wear boy shorts?  What’s the difference between Tanga panties and a g-string?  And what about all the materials and colors?

If you need help with your panty fetish, give me a call.

Your Panty Mistress will be here to help you!

5 comments to I Like Men Who Look Cute Wearing My Panties

  • Petey cream puff

    I do have a panty detish as well a bra fetish. I wear both to bed every night and I sleep better with them on. When I wake up it reminds me I really am a sissy. You have put me in bra/panty set as well and kept me in them. Your to hot and sexy to say no to. Everytime I try to resist you put your arms around me and give me lipstick kisses which make me weak,helpless,submissive and feminine. With me wearing this I belong to you as your cupcake cream puff sissy.

  • Mistress you do have a knack for the most fabulous panties that I know of!! You make such great choices as it leaves you with no choice but to agree to all your selections. Jack is very very lucky as I would count my blessings everyday.
    P.S. Hell yes I look good😉

  • Delia

    Thanks, Amanda!!

    I do love my panties!! Glad you do too 😀

  • Mistress Amber

    You certainly aren’t kidding about panty fetishes…..Mistresses definitely have them, too. I have so many pairs that I needed a bigger dresser for all my naughty things! Now, just the thought of sitting back while a naughty sissy entertains me with a pair of my borrowed panties… can I not be on board with that? Great post, Miss Delia! Panties are pretty great!

  • it

    it cannot imagine being a sissy and NOT having a panty fetish. Who could resist? The options for combinations of colors, fabrics, lace, ribbons, bows, and styles are absolutely endless! Places like Victoria’s Secret (aka Sissy Heaven) do an admirable job trying to provide examples of all those combinations!

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