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Mistress Masturbates Sissies

Mistress Masturbates Sissies

Masturbation May is not just for REAL men. Certainly sissy girls and powder puffs in training can take part too. Why should the boys get to have all the fun with their monstrous toys? Just because you are Tinkerbell between the legs doesn’t mean you deserve less fun! I will let you in on a little secret though. Touching your sissy parts by yourself is forbidden.

Why on earth, would I let you diddle the hot button that makes you weak in your sissy knees? No darling. I am the owner of your carnal pleasure. Mistress masturbates sissies herself. All you have to do is assume the position that I direct you to. That is not going to happen at this moment though.

First of all, you are going to take a luxurious bubble bath. Resist the urge to play in the bubbles. Make sure that hair is removed from every body part, except your head and eyebrows. After rinsing the bubbles from your body, it is time for a sensual scented cream. Once the cream is applied, put on a pretty pair of panties. By now, mistress has her strap-on ready.

Get on all fours. Being in the bitch position is perfect for mistress to slide her strap-on, between your legs from behind. Rubbing the life-like cock against the outside of your panties is perfect to make you squeal like a slut. Mistress will masturbate you, but you’d better not cum until she says to.

Thanks to Ms. Lena for this sexy guest post! ~Ms. Delia

7 comments to Mistress Masturbates Sissies

  • Maid Steph

    I would love to have Ms Lens make me squeal like the sissy slut I am.

  • Delia

    I am sure Ms. Lena would, Maid Steph!!

  • Maid Steph

    I have absolutely no doubt Ms Delia. Just the thought leaves my panties soaked. Ms Lena looks so hot and strict too.

  • Delia

    I like the thought of those pretty panties soaked with arousal!!

  • Miss Lena is strict, she takes no crap from sissies like you!!!

  • Maid Steph

    Ms Lena
    I would expect nothing less but this sissy would not give you any c***

    I kneel before you and remain in awe of your discipline and superiority



  • Petey cream puff

    With you and Ms Lena getting me off I’m in no position to resist. With my body all smooth and girlish. The cream is really girlish scent as I smell like a girl. Just looking at my self in mirror with no hair and in bra/panty set I look so petite 🙁 :0 my breasts have filled out my bra! Both of you have turned me into a cream puff girl and looking at that dildo that your going to use on me I’ll become your cream puff girl.

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