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Sissy Orgasms

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Empress Delia 800 601 6975

Do you want to orgasm like a woman, to have a sissy orgasm…a real feminine orgasm? A sissygasm comes not from stroking like a man, but by squeezing and touching like a girl. Finally there is a sissy tested way to achieve a true sissygasm! Every sissy I chat with wants this type of hot orgasm!

The sissy orgasm

Kegeling is something women do, but it has many sissy benefits! Kegeling is an exciting exercise to get you to orgasm like a girl. Similar to  edging like a man ( but edging IS only for real men, of course) kegeling helps improve the clitty by making it more sensitive to touch, and not having the sissy rely on the stroke. Best yet, it can give intense orgasms without ejaculations!

 First Steps to a sissygasm

First, get into your pretty, sissy panties, relax, and feel sexy. Then find and rub that special sissy spot, which is the most sensitive area on your clitty that gives you pleasure. You can usually find it on top of the sissy stick.

You will rub the sides of the sissy shaft, the top of your sissy stick, and the top of your clitty head.

But, you must avoid rubbing the clitty head, especially the underside of the glans and frenulum. That sensation may be too overwhelming for you, silly sissy! Rubbing this special sissy spot can also give feminine, and intense “dry orgasms.” This is a concept Ms. Delia loves, because the orgasms are dry orgasms like a girl.

 Next Sissygasm Steps

Continue to gently rub the sissy like a woman would rub her clit, in a circular motion, over and over. That sissy clitty can’t help but to get so excited! While rubbing, simultaneously do kegels, squeeze and release that sissy stick muscle, to push more blood into the sissy stick. This will excite the clitty very much!

Practice this technique daily for 30 minutes, or more! I know soon you will not be able to get enough.

Do you want to experience a real sissygasm? Tell me how it feels!

22 comments to Sissy Orgasms

  • This is such a great tutorial on achieving sissygasms, Ms Delia!

    I have several sissies in Panty Masturbation Training, and these will be some great tips for them. I know some sissies don’t like to get their pretty panties dirty with naughty sissyjuice, so the technique for dry orgasms will be particularly helpful for them. 🙂

  • Kendra

    I can’t describe how it feels but I’m in sissy rapture as I rub my itty bitty clitty through my panties. I find myself touching myself or squeezing my thighs together without even thinking…OMG! It feels soooooo good 🙂

  • Delia

    Oh sissy kendra,

    You really were my inspiration for this post! I am so thrilled it puts you into sissy bliss! I knew we would teach you to orgasm like a woman!

    Ms. Delia

  • Delia

    Hi Ms. Lydia!

    Panty Masturbation Training sounds absolutely wonderful! I really enjoy helping men transition from briefs to panties! It is so sexy. I do think dry sissygasms will help your sissies too!

    Hug 🙂

    Ms. Delia

  • Ms Delia I must say-
    I really like this post, it gave me a couple of great ideas!
    In fact LOL i’ll let you know if they work! 😉

  • Delia

    🙂 I am so glad Ms. Sloane!

    Sissygasms are perfect for even more feminization and emasculination.

    Ms. Delia

  • Vanessa Green

    Mistress Delia, I’m so very disappointed, I really would like to have a sissygasm, but it doens’t seem to happen! I know, you really would like me to experience this and I do too! But perhaps, with all my other stimulation in the past, it has made this impossible? I’m sure your quite aware, that I really do desire more feminization and emasculination! But, that being said, I do like to enjoy the sitmulation, I get from such girly excapades! Getting girly, for me is really tied into my sexuality too!

  • Delia

    vanessa –

    I know we talked about this, and you and I will find a way to make that sissygasm happen over time!

    Ms. Delia

  • pantysue

    Mistress… Do You actually let some of Your sissies cum? i was worried that my little cocklette was just going to suffer like this forever!

  • Delia

    Why, yes pantysue!

    Many sissies can have a sissygasm, and cum like a woman. That is the way it should be. No worries either…I will teach you how!

    Ms. Delia

  • kendra

    It has taken me awhile getting used to having sissygasms exclusively but i now rather prefer to cum like a woman. They are tied to accepting being emasculated and feminized as well as embracing my new sexuality. Empress Delia has done an excellent job training moi 🙂

  • Delia

    Fantastic, kendra!

    That is why you are the SEX QUEEN!! You go girl! Enjoy those sissygasms!

    Ms. Delia

  • Nay

    Wow what a really nice post. I am always looking for a way to sissygasm, because for the life of me i just can’t. I was in chasity for a month, using my dildo every night for at least a hour while reading some hot erotica. Sure i get these multiple mini sissygasm’s and i feel violently happy afterwards for about 40 minutes, but i know there is more pleasure to be had.

    Can you give me any advice?

  • Heather

    Thank you for that post .it feel so good to dry cum like a women,im a good sissy gurl,

  • Delia


    Yes, Heather!!

    It is wonderful to cum like a gurl, isn’t it?

    🙂 Ms. Delia

  • Sissy boy

    This feels amazing, I love wearing panties and touching my clitty.

  • Delia

    That is so wonderful, sissy boy!

    🙂 Panties make the sissy!! Sissygasms are also quite nice in letting the sissy know her place!

    Ms. Delia

  • Peter

    I have boy shorts and they are so soft against my skin. I never orgasm like a girl. I wear bra/boy shorts, heels with lipstick with lube and get off. But you said I should be locked up for small clitty and for being chronic stroker. Would you give me release?

  • When I’m having to stroke my sissy stick can I put a finger in my sissy hole

  • Delia

    Hmmm sissy…

    Was that in the directions? If not, I think you should just follow what you read. There may be a time when I want you to fill that sissy bottom 😉

    Ms. Delia

  • Delia

    Good question, peter!

    I think releases should be EARNED. So have you really earned one?

    🙂 Ms. Delia

  • Chloee Cocksucker

    Sissygasms are pure bliss! If you haven’t achieved one yet, take the advice given here by Ms. Delia!!
    As I went from thinking I was bi to realizing I was a totally gay sissy many wonderful things happened.
    I went totally limp & started shrinking.
    I now have a chemical free inch & a half (maximum) clitty
    I slipped into my first pair of sissy panties & spilled my cummies all over inside when I pulled them up.
    I did the same when I slid on my first pair of stockings!
    Lingerie can becum sooooo powerful to a sissy’s emotional state!!!
    I’ve grown in the last two years. I do kegels all day long as well as core exercises & not probably 75% of my sissygasms are hands free & dry 😊
    The orgasms are powerful & intense & even cum in waves sometimes but not a drop of sissy cream. I do however miss the taste of cleaning up sometimes so that’s why I don’t want dry only. BTW……I still have sissygasms while shopping online for lingerie 😊😊

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