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Cocksucker Mouth Exerciser

Cocksucker Mouth Exerciser

There is something on the market that I have joked is an exerciser for a cocksucker’s mouth. In truth, it is a sensation that seems to be sweeping Japan as a facial slimmer exerciser. Here it is.

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Sissy Cock Sucking Email

I am so proud of you sissy!

The sissy sucking cock sucking story I have been sharing has caused many emails to flood my inbox! I had one fantastic email about teaching a sissy to suck cock that I HAD to share it!

Sissy Cock Sucking Instructions

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A Cock Sucker’s Mirror

I have not been so excited about a cock sucker’s accessory in such a long time! But this one it almost too good to be true. Better than a sissy makeup compact mirror, this one is perfect for training and humiliation!

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