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Crossdress and Get Panties

I Mean it is TIME to Get Real Panties

These are sexy panties!

We’ve been working you up slowly, my wannabe sissy, starting out with turning you into a panty boi.  So far, we just had you get some feminine male briefs – no fly, no seams, maybe made out of microfiber or . . . → Read More: Crossdress and Get Panties

Crossdresser Transition

A Crossdresser Transition You Know You Want To Be Feminized

There’s nothing to be ashamed of.  There are many men who fantasize about dressing up in women’s clothes – and most of them are not bi, let alone gay.  Not every man who dresses in panties wants to get down on his knees and suck cock, or have one pop their cherry. . . . → Read More: Crossdresser Transition

Two Mistress Feminization Fun

Two Mistress Feminization Fun

When was the last time you had a true Girls’s Day? You know those are the days when a group of ladies has fun talking, shopping, sharing secrets, playing with makeup, trying on lingerie, and oh so much more! When you have a special Two Mistress Session, we all can . . . → Read More: Two Mistress Feminization Fun

Some Women DO like Men who Crossdress

Some Women DO like Men who Crossdress

I often love it when men crossdress. It is a sensual turn on for me. In fact, I have created a monthly tradition where I buy Jack, my subby hubby, a pair of panties each month. Why do some women like men who crossdress? Great question, and . . . → Read More: Some Women DO like Men who Crossdress

Evolution of a Sissy

You Want To Try On All Of These, Don’t You?

A Story From A Sissy

Just because I’m a woman myself doesn’t mean I take for granted all the benefits there are to being a woman, so I can completely understand why my sissies want to be pretty gurls. A sexy pair of . . . → Read More: Evolution of a Sissy