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Sissy At The Truckstop, Part 4

So, I was wondering if my Truck Stop Sissy was the only one out there blowing lonely truck drivers at rest stops.

A Sissy Whore

Sexy Truckstop Sissy

This is not the first cock you’ve sucked, is it sissy?” I asked her.  She moaned a yes around that dick in her mouth.  I’m not sure if . . . → Read More: Sissy At The Truckstop, Part 4

Sissy At The Truck Stop, Part II

If you want to know how we got to this point, my with a sissy in a sleeper cab, make sure you read Part I!

A Purple Truck

Sexy Sissies are the BEST

That’s right, readers, my new sissy trucker had herself a purple truck! Complete with a sleeper in the back.  Obviously . . . → Read More: Sissy At The Truck Stop, Part II

Sissy Denial

Why should sissy denial be necessary? I mean do sissies ever really need cum denial? Of course they do! I had the opportunity to put a favorite sissy snob, lillian, into a state of tease and denial for one week. This really was for sissy’s own good!

Sissy Denial Keeps you submissive!

Why . . . → Read More: Sissy Denial