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Soft Sissy Bath

Think this would look good on you, my Beach Blanket Sissy Bimbo?

Does Sissy Need Some Pampering?

Are you telling me that a manicure and a pedicure just wasn’t enough for my Beach Blanket Sissy Bimbo?  Do you think you need to be pampered even more so we can get you ready for . . . → Read More: Soft Sissy Bath

My Fantasy Sissy Maid

My Fantasy Sissy Maid

I have an ideal picture in my mind when I play with feminization and sissy maids! When I dress Jack, my sometimes feminized subby hubby, up to do household chores for me, often it is in this way. It is erotic, and humiliating for the one who is dressed. But . . . → Read More: My Fantasy Sissy Maid

Sissy Spring Wear

Wouldn’t this be cute for Spring?

Spring Has Sprung, Sissy!

Okay, maybe not for all of you. I know some of my Northern Sissies still have about 7 feet of snow on the ground! We had winter here in Florida, too – for about a week the temps actually dipped down in the . . . → Read More: Sissy Spring Wear

Sissy Sex Toys – Make Your Own Pussy!

I LOVE giving you all reviews for sissy sex toys! I think these tou reviews guide you all to sissy bliss! This week, I am not going to give you something to use right out of the box, I will teach you how to use a masturbation sleeve to make your own pussy! I . . . → Read More: Sissy Sex Toys – Make Your Own Pussy!

Sissy Sex Toys

Sissy Sex Toys

When talking to many en femme men and sissies, The subject of sex toys comes up. I have had many a sissy sex toy discussion with those who felt it was inappropriate to stroke, especially when trying to be more and more femme or when dressed in women’s clothes.

It seemed . . . → Read More: Sissy Sex Toys