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Some Women DO like Men who Crossdress

Some Women DO like Men who Crossdress

I often love it when men crossdress. It is a sensual turn on for me. In fact, I have created a monthly tradition where I buy Jack, my subby hubby, a pair of panties each month. Why do some women like men who crossdress? Great question, and . . . → Read More: Some Women DO like Men who Crossdress

Accessorize Your Wardrobe

We should add some accessories to your sissy look

You Have the Clothes

You have drawers and closets full of clothes. Sexy lacy panties and boy shorts, satiny bras, pantyhose, tights and thigh highs. Short skirts, blouses with plunging necklines, and maybe even that sexy little black dress. The floor of that closet . . . → Read More: Accessorize Your Wardrobe

Sissy At The Truckstop, Part 4

So, I was wondering if my Truck Stop Sissy was the only one out there blowing lonely truck drivers at rest stops.

A Sissy Whore

Sexy Truckstop Sissy

This is not the first cock you’ve sucked, is it sissy?” I asked her.  She moaned a yes around that dick in her mouth.  I’m not sure if . . . → Read More: Sissy At The Truckstop, Part 4

Lesbian or Gay Sissy?

What kind of sissy are you?

No matter the type, you are MY sissy!

Ms. Christine has done such a wonderful job making a list of all these different kinds of sissies, but I just want to know which way you swing.  Are you a lesbian sissy, or a gay sissy?  As a sissy, . . . → Read More: Lesbian or Gay Sissy?

A Happy Sissy Holiday

Happy Sissy New Year! How was your holiday season? I hope you got everything you wanted whether it was a new sissy style or cocksucking lessons! And have you made those sissy resolutions yet? If not let’s make them!

Happy Sissy Holidays!

What Was Waiting Under Sissy’s Tree

Tell me sissy, did you go . . . → Read More: A Happy Sissy Holiday