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Mistress Masturbates Sissies

Mistress Masturbates Sissies

Masturbation May is not just for REAL men. Certainly sissy girls and powder puffs in training can take part too. Why should the boys get to have all the fun with their monstrous toys? Just because you are Tinkerbell between the legs doesn’t mean you deserve less fun! I will let . . . → Read More: Mistress Masturbates Sissies

No More Hard Sissy Clits

No More Hard Sissy Clits You Know You Have No Use For A Sissy Clit

Real sissies know they have no genuine use for their clits.  There they hang, so small and useless.  I mean, when you really think it about it, your sissy clit is just getting in the way of real men . . . → Read More: No More Hard Sissy Clits

Cum In Your Panty Sissy

Cum In Your Panty, Sissy How About A Humiliating Sissygasm?

Sissy Panties!

Such a slutty sissy!  Dressed in your red thong, you stuffed bra, thigh highs encasing your legs, a crop top and that cute plaid mini-skirt.  I am so glad you called me this morning, because we’re going to give you a . . . → Read More: Cum In Your Panty Sissy