Advanced Feminization Make Up Techniques: Facial Hair Covering.

This is the first in my feminization series course. Over the next several weeks I will help you to feel more femine, to find your best womanly looks, and to get as girlie as you want! We will focus on more advanced feminization techniques to get you sexy!
When beginning a feminization transformation, there is nothing worse than looking your most feminine, only to see a visible beard shadow! If you are passible from Daniel to Danielle, the facial hair shadow can make you feel more like you are in disguise, and less than feeling fresh, feminine, and fabulous.

What about Hair Removal?
Of course, laser hair removal or electrolysis is the way to go for permanent hair removal. However, not everyone is ready to take that step, and prefer a good, close shave. If you do go the route of the close shave you’ll need to choose a good concealer. While I will describe the qualities of a great concealer, I do want to encourage you to try waxing, or other depilitation methods for multi-day smoothness.


Spring Transformation!

Shopping for Cover Up
If you walk down a makeup aisle, you will be overwhelmed completely by the products and companies, and packaging! Don’t be distressed! I have some tips.

For Night Looks
First, ask a makeup representative for a concealer that is heavy enough to cover scars, tattoos, bruises, and beard shadows. Products do exist to help you blook more naturally feminine! Now, these typically are thicker, and run the risk of looking caked on. I suggest wearing this in lower light or at night when heavier make up will be less noticeable.

For Day Looks
Look for a good concealing liquid makeup. Again, ask for one that will minimize your beard shadow. This type of liquid make up would again be great for all day use, would be very concentrated, and would go on smoother and fresher.

Concealer tips
Dab, never rub, the make up on your face, blending with the sponge.
Do two layers where you beard shadow will be, and use a layer of good powder between layers of makeup. Tell Ms. Delia what your best facial feminization techniques are and add your own information to this blog. Oh, and subscribe below to get more tips!