Are you a Pouffy Sissy?

I love crossdressers and sissies. Gender-bending is hot, and to be honest, fabric is not gender-specific so why not wear the pretty, sexy things you love? I am always happy to help advise about panties, bras and lingerie, and all the products and accessories to help make one feel more feminine.

From time to time though someone may want more…so much more that it is a totally new category, more than crossdresser or sissy! The category is POUFFY! And this category is a cross between faggy, and frilly, feminine and fabulous. Pouffy is not any kind of lingerie. No, Pouffy is a total attitude.

A Pouffy sissy scours the internet for the latest fabulous fashions and is totally tuned into lace, frills, sheer details, and ruffles. These are not just sissy dresses. These pouffy things are worn on the runway each year and are in expensive department stores. Pouffy is sexy and slutty and sweet all at the same time.

For one pouftastic sissy of mine, Amanda, our focus is fashion boxes. Think subscription boxes but even better! Imagine getting a box filled with makeup, lingerie, hair accessories, shapewear, stockings heels, and a fabulous pouffy dress. I create these boxes for Amanda. And she is just such a fashionista sissy who is incredibly pouffy!


We unwrap them together and I hear her squeals when she gets her well-manicured fingers on each item! I love the pictures I get of her in new things she gets! I know then when she goes out whether it be to brunch or to find a cock or several to suck that she will be a pinnacle of fashion, and will turn heads wherever she goes.

I know it feels so good to be pouffy. It is a state of mind, a feeling that you have, knowing that you are incredibly feminine. As your FemFabulous Mistress, I encourage you to take a day and pouf it up so you can revel in the total pleasure. Here is what you can do:

1. Take a bath. Luxuriate in warm bubbles and take time to soften your skin,

2. Dry off when the bath is done, and apply a lovely moisturizer to your whole body.

3. Slip into something so sexy and silky, maybe nylons, and silky panty, and a soft lace bralette.

Now that you are ready, just run your hands over your body and feel so deliciously pouffy! Take a few moments to sit in your pouffy sissy space. And if the moment strikes you, yes you may take out your sissy vibe and work over that pretty clitty.

I hope this makes you feel even more pouffy! And if you need to be more pouffy, just let your FemFabulous Mistress Delia know.