Ms. Delia loves this magical feminization transformation fantasy. I imagine that you come to me, a sweet twig of a male, lean and muscled but deeply desiring to be a woman. Of course, I invite you back over to my home where I serve you magically infused tea and you fall into a deep, transformative trance. The tea is spiked with a magically feminizing potion. Your feminization transformation fantasy is just beginning!

Ms. Delia loves Feminization 800-356-6169The Feminization Transformation Magically Begins

With every sip of the delicious tea, your body begins to relax more and more and then begins to change. Almost imperceptible, and without you even realizing what is happening at first, your body begins to change and the tea begins to transform you into a beautiful woman.
As the potion takes effect, your manliness begins to disappear. I revel in the feminine transformation and watch as your penis begins to shrink. Your testicles retreat up into your body, and your scrotum shrivels and pulls back into your body.  The tea calms and relaxes you and all you feel is pleasure and joy as your body changes.

Maleness Disappears

Your body transforms slowly as I watch your muscles become leaner, your hair becomes longer and so soft, and your features become more feminine and beautiful. As the transformation takes hold, your penis finishes its change and melts away between your legs as your vagina begins to form. Amazingly, your crotch dampens as your vagina begins to lubricate itself naturally. And still, you are drawn to the tea and keep sipping it as the feminization transformation continues.
Next, the outline of your muscles begins to fade away like the sun behind clouds. Your biceps shrink and become less defined, your forearms begin to lose their shape and your chest begins to lose its definition. All at the same time, your clothes begin to feel hot and uncomfortable as your breasts grow larger. Your male clothes begin to rip and tear as your body begins to adjust to your new curves and figure.
Feminization with Ms, Delia 800-356-6169After a few more sips of tea, your muscles are now soft and delicate and your new body feels so light, so feminine and soft. You run your hands over that new body, feeling for imperfections and noticing all the incredible changes.
As you slowly run your hands over yourself an image appears in your mind and you get a clearer picture of who you are now. You see in your mind, a beautiful woman standing in front of you, so you smile and finish my tea as your body completes its transformation. We have completed our power exchange through your feminization.

Femination Transformation Shows a Feminine Form!

Before long there is no trace of any maleness left in you. I bring you over to the full-length mirror and watch as you see yourself fully transformed for the first time.
When you see yourself like this for the first time you are overwhelmed. No trace of maleness remains in your body. Your penis is gone, your hair is long, and your body is soft and feminine.
You lick your lips and the taste of strawberries lingers on the tip of your tongue. I watch you gasp in awe at all the new changes.
You begin to explore your new womanly body with your delicate, feminine hands, gliding over your soft skin. And just like Ms. Delia told you, you have never felt anything so sensitive. Your nipples are hard and as you touch them you feel a rush of pleasure throughout your new, feminine, delicate body.
You turn and look at Ms. Delia and your face is excited, you can’t believe this is really happening. Then you look down at your new body and let out a long sigh of satisfaction.
I can tell your heart is racing and your passion is building. And I wonder where you would next take this fantasy! Let Ms. Delia know your ending to this magical feminization transformation story and always be fem-fabulous for me!