When it comes to female mannerisms, Ms. Delia has been there and done that. I have seen it all in my many years of experience feminizing men and even helping them to pass as women!  I have had those secret conversations about feminity with you and know exactly what you must do to put your best foot forward when feminine. I adore feminizing men and realize that female mannerisms help the package look more authentic and help you feel femfabulous.

Feminization with Ms, Delia 800-356-6169To that end, here are Ms. Delia’s top female mannerism tips:

Tip 1. Maintain Composure:

One of the most important things a gurl can do to project an air of confidence and poise is to maintain her composure, no matter what the situation. This means no excessive fidgeting, no rolling of the eyes, and no excessive talking. When en femme, you should always remain composed in all situations and take your time before responding.

Tip 2. Speak Clearly and Firmly:

Another key to projecting confidence and poise is to speak clearly and firmly. Feminization can increase submissive feelings  and make you feel shy and quiet sometimes.  It is important to remember to project confidence even when feeling submissive. Even when modulating your voice to sound feminine naturally, you should never speak in a mumble or too softly, and you should always speak with conviction when you have something to say.

Tip 3. Use Appropriate Language:

Sissy Mistress Delia 800-356-6169This should go without saying, but you should always watch your language when in public. This means no swearing, no slurs, and no inappropriate jokes. When dressed, you should also avoid using slang as much as possible. Be proper.

Tip 4. Posture is Vital:

A woman’s posture speaks volumes about her, and you should take this to heart. It’s important for you to sit and stand up straight, with your shoulders back and your head held high. It is important for you to walk with correct posture, and even remember that your posture is important when doing daily activities like walking up stairs. Good posture conveys strength and poise that will help you make the best impression possible. Good posture is important when you are thinking about passing.

Tip 5. Be Respectful and Polite:

When out in public, you should always be respectful and polite when interacting with others. This means no name-calling, no gossiping, and no attacking others verbally or physically. Remember, you should also be sure to address those around you with courtesy and respect.

Tip 6. Pay Attention to Your Appearance:

Always be mindful of how you present yourself. This means crossdressing appropriately, being pretty and feminine, wearing minimal makeup, and grooming yourself regularly. You should also pay particular attention to your hair, as this is one of the first things people will notice. Try a lace-front wig if your hair is short, and always work on making your hair suit your personal style.

Tip 7. Have a Positive Attitude:

It is very important to have a positive, bubbly attitude. You should always strive to maintain a positive outlook, no matter what the situation. This means no complaining or negativity, and an effort to take the initiative to find solutions to any problem you may be facing. Always look on the bright side of life!

Tip 8. Be Well-Informed:

Sissy Mistress Delia 800-356-6169Because smart is sexy, you should always stay informed on a wide range of topics, as this will help you hold your own in any conversation. She should also strive to be up-to-date on current events and be familiar with popular culture. The exception to this is if you are working to be a bubble-headed bimbo, In that case, you don’t need to show off a brain!

Tip 9. Have a Sense of Humor:

Laughter is the best medicine, so you should always strive to be light-hearted and have a good sense of humor. This means being able to laugh at yourself and also at life’s many quirks. A gurl should also be able to take a joke and not take herself too seriously.

Tip 10. Sharpen Your Etiquette Skills:

Last but not least, you should always strive to sharpen your etiquette skills. This means learning the ins and outs of various social situations, such as how to properly address someone, how to introduce oneself to others, and how to conduct oneself in different situations. Because you are out en femme, you will likely notice you are treated differently as a woman. Focus on being proper, and that should help!

These are just some of Ms. Delia’s top female mannerism tips. By following these tips, I hope you will be able to project an air of confidence and poise that will help you make the best impression possible when dressed en femme. Remember, your mannerisms can speak volumes about you, so it’s important to take care to always present oneself in the best light possible. Always be Femfabulous for Ms. Delia!