Some days you just want to feel and act more feminine and girlie. It’s pretty natural a thing to want to do. I am happy to help with easy tips so you feel more feminine! Ms. Delia is all about her gurls! Feminization is one of my favorite kinks. If you recall, I even have a feminization closet for you, but…I digress…here are a few things you can do to be more feminine:

Feel Feminine with Fem Fabulous Mistress Delia wearing thinner bras and panties
trying out lighter makeup
spritzing on a  light, pretty, or even a more unisex fragrance
having thinner clothing, or some flowier, more feminine clothing

For me, it is easy to feel feminine, but it is natural for me! It may not be as easy for you but this is why I am your guide on this feminization journey.  It is so much easier to relax and be feminine, easier to be more girlie, and when you are more ‘girly/feminine’, it is much easier to just be YOU, relax, and be your natural, feminine self. Ms. Delia always has ideas to help you become more feminine. Below are a few favorites that I have for you, and I want you to work some into your lifestyle.

You can do these things to be more feminine starting today: Wear make-up. Choose girlier clothing. Style your hair. Add on some feminine jewelry. Act more feminine or more girly in general. Talk like a girl and use your girlie voice. Walk like a girl….really sway and strut! You can find even more ideas in our girlie forum!

A Challenge to Feel More Feminine

Ms. Delia loves to challenge her gurls! Getting in the mood to be more girly is a perfect way to be more girlie. Feeling sexy and beautiful can be super simple. Acting and feeling womanly, graceful and girly – that’s the whole point! I have a challenge for you this week. Choose a few things from this blog post, and do them then record what happened and send the information to me in an email. If possible, you can send me a recording of you using your girl voice and walking around your house like a girl. I think it would be pretty cute. In fact, try to use your girl voice more the entire week. 

Write in your Girly Journal!Feel Feminine with Fem Fabulous Mistress Delia

Writing about girly things like beauty items, fashion, clothing, and other girly things can be fun. And I want you to do it for me!

Try to write about at least one of these girly things this week. These things are not just girlie things, they are feminine things. Being girly and girlie is different from being feminine. Remember, feminine is what you are trying to be when you are trying these different ideas and activities for Ms. Delia. Now, if you want intense feminization training, We have a naughty girlie program to make you feel feminine and sensual. Sign up and learn what makes you feel feminine!

Work on Feminine Feelings

If you do it, and it feels fun, I want you to do it again! If these ideas help you feel great or are empowering to you, I want you to do them again! Whatever makes you feel fem-fabulous, keep doing that!  Some days you will feel feminine and more girly than other days and that’s ok. This is a journey, and I can tell you that you will feel feminine and a lot more girly every day. You will smile more, laugh more, and just embody being more feminine, and will find that some things are fun, and find things you like to do. Did you ever think about what it would be like to pass as a real woman? It is totally up to you and what you think is fun! Ms. Delia wants you to customize your feminization journey!

I can’t wait to hear what you did this week! Ms.Delia is just so happy to be your guide on your feminization journey. Have fun and enjoy your girliness and femininity. I see you,and I see your femininity, so please just be girly, feminine, and always so fem-fabulous for me!