Female Mannerisms

See how I move my hip to one side of the center line?

When you are doing a complete female transformation even if the clothes and makeup are perfect, you can give yourself away if you have male mannerisms. It is important to my 2019 sissy transformation plan that you learn how to move like a real woman so you can feel so deliciously femme all the time.

Using Feminine Mannerisms

I will be honest, teaching female mannerisms is not easy to do in a blog. You will have to do some real research and practice! I want you to look online and search for “female mannerisms” and this should bring up a long list of articles and videos. There are many coaches out there helping MTF trans-gendered people learn these skills, and you can too!

Displaying Female Mannerisms

My favorite mannerism is the stand. I have seen it described as an “s-curve”. Imagine a line running down your center. Your goal is to display your curves by keeping your body off center or not following that straight line down your body. Just look at my picture here for an example, and try it. Then go out and find some wonderful ways for you to walk, stand, talk, and pose for the ultimate feminine look.

Be sure to tell Ms. Delia what you have learned!