Now that you have worked on feminine mannerisms, you will start to notice how you sit, and apply feminine sitting to your daily routine. When you think about how men sit versus how women sit, there are major differences, especially when it comes to modesty. Women tend to sit more gracefully with crossed legs or ankles. When you go out dressed beautifully, and have to sit in mixed company say at a party or other gathering, feminine sitting is what you want to remember. And this is exactly why I love to guide your feminization! I will help you look so perfectly femme.

When and What to Cross

When you sit, it is important to remember to not splay out your legs. When you have a long skirt or dress on, it is good to cross your legs at the knee. This gives a feminine shape and look. Feminine sitting is one way to be more feminine! When wearing a short skirt or dress, something that hits above the knees, you will want to cross your ankles. This ankle cross keeps your legs together, keeping you modest! When wearing pants, the ankle cross also looks very feminine!

Practice Feminine Sitting

Use a mirror in front of a variety of seats. Try for a tall stool, like a barstool, a couch, a chair, even an ottoman and bench. Practice crossing your legs at the knee and at the ankle. Look at yourself in the mirror, and see what makes you look the most feminine, look most like a woman. Keeping your knees together is the most feminine way to sit! Choose the poses you love most, and practice them on each of the seats. You will know what gives you the feminine look you desire!

Send Ms. Delia your feminine sitting pictures at and I will give you femme feedback.