Wigs: Comparing styles. What is right for you?

A woman’s hair really is her crowning glory and if you are going through feminization or m2f transformations, or just love to crossdress from time to time, here are some general guidelines on how to buy a wig and improve the way you feel about your own personal feminization and transformation.

Did you know you have more options?

Let’s say you just have to wear that adorable hat! It goes so well with your dress, after all. Wigs may be a little uncomfortable so you might not want to wear it all day or even every day Did you know many transgendered stores or wig stores carry a range of side pieces, bangs, ponytails, curls and other aids designed to be Velcroed into a hat. Be into the fashion you love! Let nothing hold your inner woman back!

Have A Great Hair Day!


Before you buy a wig, decide if you want a natural look or experiment with a new style. If going for a true feminine look, go for one that looks as natural as possible. Then again, if you plan to go to a club, pick up a guy and suck some cock, feel free to go wilder. 


It really is best with any style to match your own hair color for a natural look. One thing, if you are tanning, you can go about a shade lighter since it will offset any skin tone changes when you become a bronze goddess. Do remember to stay within range of your natural shade or lighter.

Synthetic vs. Human Hair

Synthetic hair is easier to maintain and is much more affordable. This allows you to buy more wigs to change your feminized style more often to suit your mood, or any event!  In general, synthetic wigs have a style molded into them, but some can be reset into different styles. Good quality synthetic wigs may look real but they won’t move or feel like real hair. Watch heat. It can ruin the fibers. No cooking, curling irons, straighteners, or hot rollers.

Wigs made from real human hair look and feel more like your own hair, because they are real hair! Unfortunately wigs made of human hair are very expensive. I have seen some over $1000! I suggest a stylist for washing, drying and styling this kind of wig.

Call Your Hairstylist, Seriously!

Once you get a wig, make an appointment with a stylist for some lessons. Tell your stylist that you have a new wig that you need styled to suit your face. Most hairstylists can maximize your attributes to help you achieve a very feminine look. Do not feel like a shy or embarrassed sissy. Instead embrace your inner woman. Your stylist just may be the best friend you could have right now!

Final tips

You will need a “head” to store the wig on. A wig store will have these, generally made of thick Styrofoam. Also get special shampoo and conditioner as recommended by your stylist. Remember, any day you can change your hair to fit the new feminized you!