Walk up and Down Stairs even in Heels

Over the past few weeks we have looked at a feminized walk, engaging a hip sway into one’s stride, and got comfortable with these female transformation skills. All this was to help crossdressers not just look like men in women’s clothes. This week, we will look at walking up and down stairs in a skirt. There is a proper feminized way to do it, and it is not the bouncy stair waddle men do! That is just humiliating for a man en femme.

Feminized Walking Video Support

Over at Enchantrix Empire, I have a great new video of a news cast segment where a model demonstrates how every woman should walk up and down stairs. It is an excellent watch, so check out the video! It will be of great help with developing those feminine mannerisms. Sexy walking on stairs is pretty safe which is excellent in heels. You ftill follow the straight line, one foot in front of the other going up, but use a diagonal step going down. This helps when crossdressed in a skirt or dress, and has a certain allure to it!

How To Walk  to Walk Like a Woman

After watching the video, it is time to practice. Here are tips to remember:

  1. Always use the railing. It is safe and lady like.
  2. Use the front half of your foot to step up.
  3. Use a full foot to step down.
  4. Going up, remembering to lace on foot In front of the other encourages that sexy hip wiggle.

When going down stairs, safety comes first. Use these tips:

  1. Use a diagonal step to be more modest and pretty
  2. Always use a railing.
  3. Start slow and take one step two feet at a time until you are confident enough to do one step with one foot.

Practice a Feminized Walk With No Stairs in your Home

You can simulate the stepping on your taped line you have been working with. To practice going up, lift your heels off the floor, and walk straight. When going down, angle your body about 45 degrees and still walk that straight line. When you can, find a mall, office building, or even the stair stepper at the gym. Practice fifteen minutes a day, and get very comfortable feeling feminine , sexy, and confident!