Welcome my feminized readers. I have a new and sexy feminine transformation tip to talk about. Today is all about Gaffs.

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So what are gaffs exactly?

They are panties, sort of! And we all love a good pair of panties, don’t we? But these are special. They are not designed for a woman’s parts, but are designed to make you look as if you have a woman’s parts!! They really hide the bulge.

How do they work?

At first glance they seem like regular panties but they are designed for a crossdresser. This means that they have extra support to hide your cock and make you look more feminine. When putting together your feminine look, gaffs can really make or break the outfit. After all, you are looking for authenticity, right?

But why do I need these?

I know there are many guys who like to strap on a pair of panties and heels and call themselves cute, little sissies but don’t care about perfecting the look. That’s definitely fine but I know you are looking for a more subtle approach.  There are many different styles of gaffs for you to choose from. Some have an extra pocket for you to slip your cock into to conceal it. Others just have an extra layer to compress your dick and prevent it from showing. There are even gaffs that are also thongs!  It’s not just about having a big pair of granny panties you know!

The problem with regular panties is this; once you have tucked your cock away those panties may not prevent your cock from reappearing, and that could be awkward! It is such a problem with sexy crossdressing! A gaff can save your feminized look!  It’s all about perfecting that feminized and transformed look, isn’t it?

And there is more!

Just another crossdressing tip from Mistress Delia! I often love to trade tips with other Mistresses. On my Vegas vacation, I got to visit with Ms. Brianna, and we shared some crossdressing tips and sissy stories when we shopped one day. If you would like some interesting feminization help, just check out Ms. Brianna’s Blog and you will find some. And do stay tuned! Next week, I will have a fun interview with Ms. Brianna! Very sexy!