Ho(se), Ho(se), Ho(se)!

So, my sissies, do you like sexy legs?  I know you love Ms. Delia’s sexy legs.  Long, lean and toned.  But it’s not just how they look, is it?  It’s how they feel.  You love rolling that hosiery up your legs, that smooth silkiness spreading up your legs.  So, here are 3 accessories for your legs.

Sexy Legs

Sexy Legs


When we talk about stockings, sissy, I mean thigh highs.  Since you’re going to be nearly naked, knee-hi’s would just look silly!  Thigh high’s make you look sexy, and, let’s face it, there’s a certain air of sluttiness about them, isn’t there?  The fact that you can keep then on while you pull down your panties and have easy access to your sissy clit and ass pussy – what a strumpet! Make sure you pick out a good quality pair for that desired silky feel

Panty Hose

You really want a smooth front to your panties, but that sissy clit – while certainly not big enough to be considered a cock – still gets in the way.  You need to either get a gaff or tuck – or you could try a pair of pantyhose.  Get a control top, and it may be enough to smooth out any – well, I almost wrote bulges, but you really don’t have a bulge, do you?  Maybe a little bump!  And, if you do decide to tuck, it should keep that sissy clit trapped in between your legs.


Tights come in thigh high’s and with control tops, just like pantyhose.  Want to get that hip, sexy college co-ed look?  Go for the tights that are just over the knee with a short micro mini skirt so you show off a little thigh!  What makes tights different from stockings or pantyhose?  They’re usually heavier – nice to keep those bare legs warm in the winter – and come in a number of fashionable colors and patterns.

Pick out whatever makes you feel sexiest and give Ms. Delia a call!