Sometimes it is the little things that give away a transformed and feminized girl. I think the best example of this is hiding the Adam’s Apple! This is one subtle thing that if not addressed can ruin your entire feminized look. I have some simple tips that anyone can do for hiding your Adam’s Apple, and I encourage you to share your own.


Every person who crossdresses or likes to be feminized should have a variety of neckware to accessorize any outfit. Neckwear is flattering, and can hide what you need it to hide.

Scarves: These are so in vogue now!  Tying a scarf around your neck not only hides an Adam’s Apple, it draws the eyes up to your face.  Scarves can be tied in a variety of ways; bows, creative knots, simple knots that leave the ends trailing sexily down your body, lengthening your neck. Scarves can even be layered. Go with soft scarves that feel good to you.

Turtleneck: This may seem obvious, but it works, especially if you ruche the neck instead of doing a simple foldover. A turtleneck can be dressed up or down, and can be layered to fit both the fashion and the weather. A turtleneck is so feminizer friendly and it is so versataile. You can find that neck type in tops and dresses.

Style it up with a choker

Chokers and ribbon:

These are pretty and perfect. When feminizing yourself, know that you can add to the prettiness of your neck by adding a ribbon or choker, just thick enough to cover your Adam’s Apple. Many are sold now with dangling jewelry to draw the eye away from the neck, lower to the bustline. If you are not a fan of a simple choker, make your own with ribbon. For just a few dollars you can personalize a ribbon choker to your outfit, and set your style. If you are a more wild woman, try leather or a collar. Very sexy!

Jewelry: Many necklaces in fashion today tie high up on the neck, and fall in a triangle shape ending just above the middle of your bustline. These necklaces are made from a variety of materials, and can be used often. They draw the eye directly to the breasts.

Other tips

Along with neckware, you can try a few tricks to hide the Adam’s Apple, especially if it is on the smaller side. Try contouring with darker makeup. It is a visual trick. Try tops with high collars and frilly necks to hide from the side.  Finally, look at my previous blog post, and choose a good wig with longer hair that covers the neck generally with curls. 

Try these tips, and you should ready to go out and strut your sexy self!