Sissy 12 Days of Free Calls

A Present for My Sissies

To celebrate LDW’s 16th anniversary and the holiday season, we’re offering a free ten-minute phone sex session each day between December 14 and the day the big guy – and he’s big in more ways than one, let me tell you! – arrives.  The catch is, it’s only for two hours every day.  So make sure you check the link on The Daily Cock to find ALL the details and to learn when you can get your free 10-minute call.  Isn’t that a wonderful present for all my sissies?

Not the Gifts you Were Expecting

Oh, I know.  You were probably hoping you’d get a nice new pair of sexy panties, maybe even a panty and bra set, weren’t you?  Maybe something lacy, in red and green to put you in the holiday mood?  Perhaps you were hoping a new dildo would be stuffed in your…well, you weren’t hoping it was going to be stuffed in your stocking, now were you, sissy slut?

A Present from Santa

I’ve got it, we can have a little fantasy role-play when you call!  How about if you dress up as Mrs. Claus.  Try a cute, short, red dress, and a furry hat.  Then, when a horny Kris Kringle gets home, he can rip off that dress and expose his present underneath – a sassy, sissy whore in only a thong, thigh highs, and stiletto heels!  I’m sure he’d love you to suck on his Yule log after such a long night!  I’ll bet he’ll even gift you with a load of his warm cream!