As you may or may not be aware, I recently undertook a journey with a Sissy in Second Life, and it has carried over to her daily Real Life also. . . I have the pleasure of training her as my personal Sissy.

First, let me tell you a bit about my Sarina.  She is a middle-aged male, who for years has dreamed of becoming the sissy she always knew she was but was hesitant due to her family situation.  After she divorced things have become much easier for her to take her journey into sissyhood.

She’s experimented with some of the Sissificiation sites on the internet, and had found one that actually uses a “training workbook”.  Sarina has taken this workbook and adapted it to our year-long journey. I think it’s most helpful keeping her on track, and we share her logbook on Google Drive, which allows me to check her progress whenever I want. I’ve asked Sarina to give you a quick overview of the Sissy Logbook she’s created.

Mistress Delia, my logbook is broken down into 12 months, following Mistress’ Year Long plan on the FemFaboulous blog you run. 

Additionally, each month is broken out into 7 major sections. Here is a brief overview of each section


  1. Sissy Energy – This covers such topics as did sissy get enough sleep. Did sissy have a “release” and was it permitted by Mistress. This section also has sissy’s exercise schedule and the links to the exercises to tighten & tone sissy’s ass.  The last item in the section tracks sissy’s weight.
  2. Sissy Nutrition – This tracks sissy’s eating and makes sure she is on track to lose weight to become a shapely, sexy sissy.  It also helps sissy track her supplements, for both weight loss and general health.
  3. Sissy Conditioning – This section is broken down into 5 subsections.
    1. Apparel – Did sissy wear her panties today? Did sissy sleep in her nightie? 
    2. Jewelry – Is sissy wearing her earrings, her collar?
    3. Sissy Trance – This is an important one. Does sissy listen to her erotic sissy audio files every night like she is supposed to
    4. Sissy Sex – Does sissy practice taking her dildo daily? Is sissy wearing her chastity cage, does she keep her sissy-pussy plugged for Mistress?
    5. Mantras – Is sissy listening to her mantras at least once daily?
    6. Sissy Body – Is sissy working on making her skin soft & smooth, is she keeping herself shaved smooth for Mistress; does she use a tinted lip balm, are her nails buffed to a gloss?
    7. Sissy Social – Is sissy keeping her logbook up to date, is she reading the appropriate blogs and commenting on them, does she post on twitter?


As you can see, I have taken control of almost every aspect of my sissy’s life, and in the future, I will be adding additional requirements, things like wearing a bra daily. . .  moving her into only wearing female jeans. . . just to name a few, I don’t want to give my Sweet Sissy any idea of what lies ahead for her.

Follow her sissy Journey on her blog: Sarina’s Yummy Blog

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