How To: Smooth Soft Sissy Skin

Smooth soft skin is important when you are a sissy or simply feeling feminine! You want your lingerie to caress your skin, not get caught on dry patches! You can take some steps to ensure your skin is moisturized, glowy, and simply beautiful no matter what you wear! Sissy skin care is a must all year.

Smooth Skin Needs

  • An exfoliator – You can DIY a skin scrub or buy one at the store.
  • Daily Moisturizer for body AND for face
  • Body Cream
  • Nightly Facial Moisturizer

Steps to Smooth Skin

Once a week, exfoliate legs and body and pay attention to places that are extra rough like hands, elbows, and heels of the feet. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells and leaves you soft and pretty! Go easy with your exfoliator. Gentle circular scrubs do the best but remember to go easy. Be gentle. This should NOT hurt! You will have soft sissy skin!

Next, take a shower and use a moisturizing body wash. Towel off with a soft towel, and get ready to moisturize! After the weekly exfoliation and shower, you will use your body cream on your feet, legs, body, arms, and back as best as you can! Use facial night cream at this time. The best thing to do is sleep after this routine so your body soaks up all the delicious nourishing ingredients!

A Daily Smooth Skin Routine

If you do the once weekly deep moisturizing routine, you should be able to just apply daily face lotion and a quick and light body lotion spray to your body each day as part of your morning routine so you can keep your sissy skin soft and smooth. If you notice any dry spots, use the body cream there. Hands may get dry, so feel free to use the body cream as well. If you wash your hands frequently, keep a lotion near the sink, and use it after.

What are your favorite skin tips? Tell Ms. Delia and stay femfabulously smooth!


Notes:  exfoliate, lotion or cream, use sunscreen, create routines for morning and night.