Why Do You Dress?

Why do you love to cross dress? One of our friends, fursissy had some thoughts about why men love to get girlie! Oh yes it is sexy to have the caress of soft, feminine panties, intimates, and clothes on one’s skin. However not all men who love the femininity of dressing are exactly alike. Read on to see what fursissy thinks!

 It’s often a misconception that all sissies are wired the same.  This is a very narrow view of cross-dressers as you’ll find sissies of many different flavors whose psyche, needs, and fantasies often differ greatly from one another. The first and arguably strongest separation amongst sissiesis the act of cross-dressing, is your ideal view of dressing forced or voluntary?  This may seem simple enough but it says a lot about the mindset involved. Voluntary dressing has varying motivations from person to person.  A few examples may include:

-You wish to be more feminine.

-You wish to be a woman

-You don’t feel comfortable as a man

Sexually, you may feel: –

Like a lesbian in a man’s body.

-You want to take on the feminine role in a sexual relationship with a man.

-You want to feel both like a man and a woman during sex. 

 -You crave the sexual humiliation of doing something that you find unpleasant.

I know these categories don’t describe everyone, but they probably describe many of you.  The more accurately you can understand your submissive and/or feminine feelings, the more rewarding your experiences may be as you progress into the realm of Femdom.

Femfabulous wants to know why you love to dress! C’mon, tell us now.