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 “Beauty begins the moment
   you decide to be yourself”
                        – Coco Chanel

Do You Need a Sissy Spa Day at Home to Help You Feel Feminine

Do you need a spa day at home to help you feel feminine? Sissy Spa Days can be important for self-care. Ms. Delia wanted to help you to create a special spa day for yourself at home. We will discuss how to prepare your space, and ways to exfoliate and moisturize in a...

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Do you have a desire to be magically turned into a woman?

Ms. Delia loves this magical feminization transformation fantasy. I imagine that you come to me, a sweet twig of a male, lean and muscled but deeply desiring to be a woman. Of course, I invite you back over to my home where I serve you magically infused tea and you...

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Easy Tips to Feel More Feminine

Some days you just want to feel and act more feminine and girlie. It's pretty natural a thing to want to do. I am happy to help with easy tips so you feel more feminine! Ms. Delia is all about her gurls! Feminization is one of my favorite kinks. If you recall, I even...

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