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Must be at least 18

 “Beauty begins the moment
   you decide to be yourself”
                        – Coco Chanel

Steps to Becoming a Cuckold Sissy

Steps to Becoming a Cuckold Sissy Oh sissy, when I decided to make you into my cuckold sissy there was nothing you could do at all! Imagine it!  A night with Mistress, but not at all how you think! You are my cuckold, not my lover. Imagine yourself, filled and...

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Are you a Pouffy Sissy?

Are you a Pouffy Sissy? I love crossdressers and sissies. Gender-bending is hot, and to be honest, fabric is not gender-specific so why not wear the pretty, sexy things you love? I am always happy to help advise about panties, bras and lingerie, and all the products...

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Sissy Spa Day Assignment

Having a spa day at home is important for a sissy. Self-care is always important, and there are important happy benefits when you stop and care for yourself, especially during this challenging time! Let's face it. We ALL need some stress relief these days, and a sissy...

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