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 “Beauty begins the moment
   you decide to be yourself”
                        – Coco Chanel

Female Mannerisms

Female Mannerisms   When you are doing a complete female transformation even if the clothes and makeup are perfect, you can give yourself away if you have male mannerisms. It is important to my 2019 sissy transformation plan that you learn how to move like a real...

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Smooth Soft Sissy Skin

How To: Smooth Soft Sissy Skin Smooth soft skin is important when you are a sissy or simply feeling feminine! You want your lingerie to caress your skin, not get caught on dry patches! You can take some steps to ensure your skin is moisturized, glowy, and simply...

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Common Types of Hair Removal for Sissies

Common Types of Hair Removal for Sissies As part of our 2019 Sissification Plan, we will be focusing in on soft and smooth shaved skin for sissies this month. In this post, I will go over common types of hair removal for sissies. When you put on those pretty lingerie...

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