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 “Beauty begins the moment
   you decide to be yourself”
                        – Coco Chanel

Sensual Strap-Ons

Strap-ons don’t always have to be hardcore Sensual Strap-on Play You know that Ms. Delia loves strap-on play.  And the play I usually write about is pretty hardcore.  There’s nothing I like better than strapping it on and “bringing the lumber” – or the silicone as the...

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Sissy Pillow Humping

Sissy Masturbation with Pillow Humping Do you love sissy masturbation? I have a new way for you to try! Sissy, it is time for pillow humping! Yes, I know this will be a dose of sissy humiliation, but I want that, and so do you! Now I know you have all you need. As...

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Sissy Masturbation

Sissy Masturbation I don’t know if sissies need to masturbate, but little sissy sluts certainly want to masturbate. And yes, as a Mistress I recognize that difference! Sweet sissies want to stroke those sissy clits until they have their little cummies. Sissies know...

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