Ms.  Delia


Must be at least 18

 “Beauty begins the moment
   you decide to be yourself”
                        – Coco Chanel

Measuring for Lingerie

You will be measuring for lingerie as part of my 2019 Feminization plan. In February, you will measure and then you will head out to shop for lingerie for your femfabulous self! Measuring for Lingerie You will need a tall mirror. I think the best is a stand up...

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Your First Feminization Call

This year, you made a plan to be feminine. So let's plan how to make the most out of your first feminization call with Mistress Delia. Email Ms. Delia First Take a nice deep breath, then pour your heart and soul out into an email. Detail your feminization goals and...

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2019 Feminization Plan

2019 is your year of change, sissy! You will no longer be a man, not that you were a man to begin with, but you will fall mind and body, deeper and deeper into feminization. Each time we talk, you will be captivated by my voice, by the ideas and seeds I plant in your...

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