Pre Call Conference Form For Mistress Delia

Please answer as many questions as you want and email this to me at: before our call.

1. What would you like me to call you during this session? Do you have a nickname, love to be called sissy, or something else?

2. Which site did you first see my profile?

3. What was it about my profile or blog that prompted you to call me? I love getting into your mind a bit!!

4. What do you want to explore today? (Give a general idea such as: pain like CBT, anal play, sissification, transformations, cock control, guided masturbation, medical play, or any other combination of these and other fetishes.)

5. Does your fantasy involve role-play? If yes, what did you have in mind? (Please be general). I love role plays and can make you feel as it is truly happening…but if this is not for you or you would like to decide what route a role play would take please say so.

6.  What actions or words would completely turn you off during our call? This is important.

7.  What actions or words would turn you on? List the main ingredients that make you very excited. For example I am not a natural giggler.  If you like that warn me ahead of time, and I am happy to open that part of me up!

8. Will you have any special clothes or toys during our call? If so, what are they and how do you like to use them?

9.  Are you interested in conversation or prefer to get right into it? Getting to know you is what helps me to understand your needs better, but if you cannot spend the time it is completely fine. So just let me know if you would like to chit chat before or after or if you just want to get into it get off and get going. If you would like to play it by ear and see where it goes naturally that is just fine too!

10. Does this call involve orgasm denial? If so, do you want to cum at the end of the call or leave it up to me? Be sure to let me know this because if you tell me you want to be denied that is exactly what shall happen, but if you want to be denied only to a point and then let loose this is fine but I must know that up front.

11.  Any additional comments? Anything you would like to know about me to help you make your decision? I am open and willing to answer questions within reason.

12. Would you like me to document our call in a blog? Or do you mind me doing so?
Keeping in mind no names are given out unless you give the go ahead.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the form! I look forward to our chat!

Warm Regards,

Mistress Delia