Welcome to the Halloween Blog Train post from Ms. Delia. Yesterday, Ms Lexi left you all transformed in her post you can read here. Now that you are all prettied up, your next stop, sissies is on the blog train with Me in Enchantrix Forest!

Sissies in Enchantrix Forest

Once upon a chilling Halloween night, in the small town of Enchantrix Empire, nestled at the edge of the eerie Enchantrix Forest, four adventurous young sissies set out on a daring expedition. They had heard stories around Enchantrix Empire of the forest’s mystical powers, where reality blurred with enchantment, and they could be turned into real gurls, but only on Halloween. Here, the boundaries between the ordinary and the supernatural were as thin as gossamer threads.

The sissies, armed with flashlights and courage, entered the dense, looming trees of the Enchantrix Forest. The gnarled branches reached out like skeletal fingers, and shadows danced ominously on the forest floor. They trekked deeper and deeper into the heart of the forest, the inky darkness swallowing them whole.


Sissies Find a Naughty Place!

After hours of wandering, they stumbled upon a clearing, and their flashlights revealed an astonishing sight: a grove adorned with ancient trees and a glistening dance floor in its center, filled with handsome men who beckoned the sissies to join them. Moonlight bathed the grove, casting an eerie glow on the area. Mesmerized by the surreal beauty of the place, and the sex appeal of the men in the clearing, the sissies couldn’t resist the temptation to step onto the dance floor.

Once they set foot on the polished wooden surface, a haunting melody, like whispers from the beyond, began to play. The girls swayed and twirled, their movements fluid and otherworldly. It was as though the grove itself was inviting them to dance. They couldn’t help but move in perfect harmony, their bodies following an irresistible rhythm. But that was not all that happened!

Sissies Stop Dancing and Start Sucking!

The music suddenly changed and the sissies, dropped to their knees as if the haunting melody was controlling their every movement. Each sissy was greeted by a handsome man sporting a huge cock. As the music picked up speed again, each sissy could not stop herself from rhythmically sucking the cock in front of her face.

Time lost its meaning as the sissies continued to suck and suck. The music seemed to fill their souls, and the moans of the men echoed through the grove. But as the hours passed, exhaustion crept in. Their smiles turned into grimaces of pain, and their laughter transformed into desperate pleas for release. But still, they sucked and sucked. With every release from a handsome man in front of them, another man would appear and they would have to begin again. They had no choice!

Sissy Mistress Delia Intervenes

It was then that they noticed a spectral figure hovering at the edge of the dance floor—a malevolent spirit. Its form was twisted and contorted, with hollow eyes that bore into their very souls. The spirit’s sinister cackle blended with the haunting melody, drowning out the sissies’ cries.

Desperation filled their hearts as they realized they were trapped, unable to escape the peril they were in. Their legs wobbled, their energy drained, and their pleas for mercy fell on deaf ears. The malevolent spirit seemed to feed on their suffering, reveling in their agony. They were trapped in an endless nightmare, with no hope of release.

The sissies sucked on, their once-vibrant spirits fading. The malevolent spirit continued to torment them, its presence growing stronger with each passing moment.  But just as despair threatened to consume them entirely, a single ray of hope appeared. A mysterious figure, cloaked in shadows, emerged from the depths of the forest. One sissy was able to wrench her head off the current cock and yell out, “Ms. Delia is that you? Please! Help us!!”

It was indeed Ms. Delia, ruler of the Enchantrix Forest. With a wave of her hand, the malevolent spirit was banished, its sinister laughter fading into the night.

Saved Sissies Continue Halloween Night

The sissies, now free from the spirit’s grip, collapsed onto the ground, gasping for breath and massaging their jaws. The mysterious Ms. Delia approached them, revealing herself to be an ancient guardian of the forest—a protector of sissy souls.

“You have faced the malevolent spirits of the Enchantrix Forest and survived,” Ms, Delia said, her voice like a whispering breeze. “Remember this night, for it is a reminder of the fine line sissies, between enchantment and danger in the Enchantrix Empire. Always Beg for Mistress Delia, and I will save you!”

With those words, Ms. Delia vanished into the darkness, leaving the spent sissies to find their way back to their homes in Enchantrix Empire. They would never forget the haunting night when they came face to face with the malevolent spirit and emerged with a newfound appreciation for the magic—and dangers—that lurked in the heart of the Enchantrix Forest.

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