2019 is your year of change, sissy! You will no longer be a man, not that you were a man to begin with, but you will fall mind and body, deeper and deeper into feminization. Each time we talk, you will be captivated by my voice, by the ideas and seeds I plant in your mind.

Each month you will have a feminization goal, and I will guide you through the year in my blogs and audios. Also, I have teamed up with Cecilia to make some amazing audios to relax and then condition you. I think when you listen to a trance audio, your mind retains your training more and more, so this year, you will focus on many aspects of femininity.

January – Making the commitment to feminization. You KNOW you are ready! You know you need this.

February – Buying lingerie safely. Learn how to measure for online buying, and how to be sneaky in stores!

March – Makeup must come next. Learn how to maximize your skin, and how to order or choose things in a store to make you lovely.

April – Hair removal. Smoothness is key! You will learn much more than simple shaving!

May – Mannerisms. Women have certain ways that they move that you will learn and emulate.

June – Dressing. Learn how to dress for your body shape. Learn important pieces to have for always. Learn anti purging!

July – Jewelry. You will learn what pieces are necessary for you!

August – Accessories and shoes. Because every lady needs great purses, shoes, scarves, gloves, and so much more.

September – Sex toys. You will absolutely need to explore your new feminine sexuality. Breasts, nipples, pussy. Toys and tricks for all.

October – Speaking softly in a higher range. Your goal will be to speak out of your current normal voice, and project a totally feminine you!

Nov – Dec putting it all together. We will plan a couple of outings for you. The first will be easy, and the second will challenge you!

Bonus – Sucking cock. Now, this is optional, because some of you identify as lesbian. Cocksucking is for those you into pleasuring men!

Let’s have an amazing 2019 together. Together, we will get you to be femfabulous all year!