There are so many ways for a crossdresser to shop online, but shopping for yourself in a store is such a different and special experience. So how do you shop for women’s clothes in a store as a man? Do use these crossdressing tips, and you will find success!

Shop Online First

Shopping With Ms. Delia

Shopping with Ms. Delia

If you are going to a specific store with an online website, absolutely check it out online first and make a list. This is very helpful especially if you print and take the list with you. If you have to interact with a sales associate, this list will really be helpful! Crossdressing is your passion, and planning makes it sexier!

Have your Backstory Set

This may seem strange a tip, but it is always nice to know what to say if asked, “Who are you shopping for today?” If you are terrified of outing yourself as a crossdresser, don’t! Say it is for a family member, girlfriend, or wife if you have on a wedding ring!  If you have a story you have rehearsed, it will come out naturally, and you will not feel embarrassed.

Know your sizes

My favorite crossdresser tip is to know sizes! Often you will not be able to go into a dressing room to try things on, so have a list of the store’s size chart. Measure your chest and waist and look on the size chart online to see which size corresponds best. Always choose your largest measurement too. If a dress takes a 36 bust, 28 inch waist and 36 hips and you need a 38 bust, you need to go up a size (unless the dress has a LOT of stretch) for the dress to fit.

Use these three dressing tips to go shopping in stores, and be sure to feel femfabulous!