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Such A Good Gurl!

Sissy Amanda

One of my regular sissy callers is Sissy Amanda.  She has been a caller for quite some time, but until she entered my 12-step Sissy Training Program, she wasn’t progressing as much as I wanted.  Well, that all changed, and I thought I would share with you what she wrote me the other day.  Listen to what a gurl she’s turned into!

A Sissy Talks About Her Journey

I am so happy you like to take me along on your sexual escapades and explore our fantasies. I love the way you have trained me to be your personal sissy. When I first called you months ago, I was a curious part-time sissy. Under your tutelage, you have turned me into a shameless, addicted sissy slut. I used to wear panties (and some limited lingerie) occasionally and had accepted that fact I was a small-cocked feminine boi. However, thanks to your dominance and your desire (insistence) to amuse yourself with me, I realize I am now transformed into a full time sissy. I now wear panties all the time (and sometimes nylons) and fully dress up more and more. I only masturbate now when properly dressed as a sissy but since it is so much fun that is often!

Aside from dressing the part, I am amazed at how have you transformed my behavior in our sessions and my fantasies from a submissive, curious sissy to include the following:

  • · Dressing completely including hair and makeup
  • · Being your sissy cuckold and being thrilled to watch you fuck a real cock
  • · Worshipping your beautiful body and preparing your delightful pussy for sex
  • · Finding real, masculine men (well endowed) to meet and pleasure you
  • · Preparing your partners by undressing them and even licking/sucking their huge cocks until they are big and hard and ready to pleasure you
  • · Watching you when your lover slides his big cock into you and you moan and shout in ecstasy
  • · Watching you shudder as you orgasm again and again in a way that I could never pleasure you
  • · Relishing the taste and humiliation of licking warm cum from your just-fucked pussy and then  obediently cleaning up your pussy and your lover’s cock
  • · Experiencing the excitement and humiliation when you force me to expose my tiny sissy clitty to others for your enjoyment and humor
  • · And, if it isn’t humiliating enough to be outed and then told to compare myself to the massive cock(s) you have just fucked, I shamelessly masturbate my tiny clit while you and your lover  laugh – my final submissive act being my licking up and swallowing my own little sissy load!

I can’t believe how far you have brought me!​

Wouldn’t you like to be like Sissy Amanda?

It’s so easy, my pretty, slutty, gurl.  All you have to do is follow my program, and give me a call so I can guide you through your sissy journey!