I love to share sissy stories, and a wonderful sissy sent this sexy fantasy to me in my email. Read on and see if you would love to be the sissy in this fantasy.

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Gem Sissy Shares a Fantasy

I stand, nervous.  Being in Mistress’ bedroom is such a great honor that I’m focused on doing what she wants from me.  I shift a little, feeling the elaborate wedding gown I’m wearing, hugging my body, trapping me, freeing me.  I taste my lips and traces of the lush lipstick.  Breathing in I smell the oh-so-girly perfume you gave me. 
My hair moves oddly now that it has been styled in feminine hanging curls.  My arches ache slightly from the 5″ stiletto heels I’m wearing but the tiny locks on the ankle straps mean I can’t take them off until you let me.

I watch you move around the room, your exquisite body moving as you consider different toys for our play time.  You turn and smile at me.  “Let’s take off that dress, Gem.”

You step behind me, my breathing racing as your hands undo the hook at the top of the zipper.  I feel the pressure of the layers of satin and material lessen as the zipper growls downward, the loudest sound in the room.  I’m still held firmly by the tight scarlet corset which ends makes the divine breast forms adhered to my chest look amazing. 

The feel of the heavy material sliding down my body, across my pantied bottom and over my thigh high-covered legs makes me moan.  Wearing such a dress and being taken out of it by a strong, beautiful, encouraging woman is one of my deepest fantasies.

I take your hand as you help me step out of the dress.   You hang it up carefully, a true work of art we don’t want to get messy.  I let my eyes stray down your body and focus on the large cock jutting out from the harness over your pussy.  It looks hyper-realistic and your grab it, stroking it like a natural part of you.

“You like my cock, Gem?  Do you want to taste it?”

I nod and use the side of the bed to lower myself to my knees.  My clit is rock hard and tenting my scarlet satin panties, pulling them tight over my bottom, a bottom that twitches in desire.  You step up, swinging the cock lewdly.

“Tell me what you want, Gem.”

“I want your cock, Mistress.”  You don’t say anything and I know more is needed.  “Please let me taste your delicious cock, let me suck and worship it, let me bring you pleasure and make you cum with a flood…”

Now you smile, pleased and you move up to me, the head of your cock growing large to my eyes…