A Sissy Maid’s Special Chores

Sissy Maid Inspection

While your Master has been away, you’ve been toiling hard cleaning his home and doing all your chores.  As soon as he arrives home, he calls for you and orders you to stand before him at attention.  I do hope your maid’s uniform is in order and spotless!  Hat on straight?  Blouse pulled down just right to show off your cleavage (good thing you got those breast forms!).  He has you turn around and bend over in front of him, so he can make sure that your skirt rides up just so, showing off your frilly panties and just the right amount of cheek. He also checks to make sure that your stocking seams are straight.  Good job, sissy!  No demerits, which means no punishment!  You do, however, have your special chores to perform.

Oral Service

He points to the floor before him and you obediently drop to your knees.  You look up at this powerful man, expectantly, with hunger in your eyes.  “Take out my cock, slut,” he commands, smiling down at you.  You undo his belt, unbutton and unzip his slacks, and pull out his soft dick.  You hold it in your hands, waiting for his command.  “Suck it,” is all he says.

Service with a Swallow

You go to work, kissing and licking up the shaft and around the head, feeling it grow to its 8-inch length in your hand.  As soon as it’s hard, you take it into your mouth, sucking it and stroking it, going deeper with every thrust, until you are deepthroating him.  As he begins to grunt and moan, getting closer to his orgasm, he grabs your head and takes over.  It isn’t long before he’s filling your mouth with his cum.  Service with a swallow, sissy!  Drink all that jizz down.

He pats you on the head.  “Good, sissy.  Now make dinner.”